26 Jun 2014

New record: 509 reach with 426 clicks

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Screenshot 2014-06-26 18.34.47 (1)
That means 84% of folks who saw this clicked on it.
Just imagine if we ran some ads against it?
If we assume a $5 CPM ($5 per thousand impressions), then for $5, we’d get 1,000 impressions.
This results in 840 clicks and a cost per click of well under a penny.
However, it would not drive ROI.
20 Jun 2014

How Smart Do You Think Facebook is?

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2014-06-20 14_10_23-_[Screenshot 2014-06-20 12.46.45 (1)] (exported)-1.0 (RGB color, 1 layer) 1996x8
Facebook knows where you are, what songs you’re listening to, what you like, and what you have bought.
Is this a pure coincidence, friends?
15 May 2014

If you’re a news, media, or publishing site, you should turn on comment replies now to get more engagement!

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By default, it’s not on.
So follow the instructions here to make it happen.
If you get a lot of comments on posts, you’ll eventually be able to keep “sticky replies” at the top of the post.
That would keep you from having to use the same comment reply over and over.
More engagement means more newsfeed reach!
17 Apr 2014

The most expensive ad on Facebook ever?

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Screenshot 2014-04-15 19.40.50
Check this out– $39.68 on 390 impressions.
That works out to $107.60 CPM (cost per thousand impressions).
For the math people out there, that is 10 cents per IMPRESSION, not per click.
Fortunately, I got 7 clicks, so it works out to less than $6 a click.
Is that too high a cost?
If it drove a couple leads, perhaps not.
So don’t go off the CPM or CPC necessary if you’re doing B2B lead gen.
Check out how to optimize your bid strategy here.


24 Mar 2014

Website Custom Audiences are the BEST thing on Facebook

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Screenshot 2014-03-21 18.34.38

I took this screenshot just now. The top 3 ads are all Facebook retargeting.
In other words, I had just visited these sites and immediately, they are showing me messages related to whatever I was just looking at.

With jiveSYSTEMS, I was learning about how to do video email.
So they’re tempting me with more articles from the blog.

With autocustoms.com, they’re a client, so that’s what happens.
If I had clicked on a particular product, I might see that again.

With priceline.com, I’m looking at hotels for next week in Salt Lake.
They know I’m cheap, but they aren’t smart enough to stop ads when I’ve already booked something else.

Some pitfalls to avoid with WCA (Website Custom Audiences):

  • Just because they’re effective, don’t overuse them. Watch your frequency and rotate your creatives.
  • Have different calls to action. You’re not going to use the same creative for driving awareness as you would for engagement or conversion. Segment out your content by where they are in your sales funnel.
  • Make sure to use negatives. Don’t send new customer offers to existing customers. Run exclusion audiences.
  • Use combinations. You can use WCA to catch folks who didn’t open your email, didn’t buy, or aren’t a fan. Why not cross email, connection targeting, and other attributes with your WCA? So many combos possible for segmented messaging.

What else might you not know about WCA?

Your turn. Have you used WCA yet? Got any tips or thoughts to share here?

24 Mar 2014

What do Alex Houg and Star Wars have in common?

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Screenshot 2014-03-20 20.25.55

I’m not sure, but Facebook is showing this when I search for his name on Facebook.

Do you think this is an ad?
Maybe Facebook will bring back the sponsored results, which were search ads?

20 Mar 2014

A dead post from 3 years ago suddenly comes alive– and my guess why

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Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.36.33 AM

I wrote a blog post on project management three years ago.
It sat dormant. No hits.

And then a few weeks ago, it got 1,792 pageviews.
All organic. No ads and nobody promoting it, from what I can tell.

The only hypothesis I have is that it’s actually Facebook traffic or that Google’s algorithm is taking into account social activity.

Here is the Facebook trend, so you can see how closely they match up.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.44.23 AM

And we’ve seen that traffic we know is actually from Facebook is marked as direct/none or Google organic.

This is especially tricky because of the “not provided” issue, where Google hides the keywords your traffic came from. For Facebook traffic, there clearly was no keyword.

Friends, what do you think?

01 Mar 2014

Top 10 Things That I Learned at #L2E

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  1. Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 1.20.12 PM

You should build your network before you need it.

  1. Work toward your strengths.
  2. Tell your story.
  3. Dancing is good!
  4. Network is net worth.
  5. Be careful what you put on social media.
  6. Build your brand.
  7. Don’t waste time on the Internet.
  8. Be a light with things you learn.
  9. Fly, don’t walk.
24 Feb 2014

COX Cable is taught a lesson by the former head of social customer care of GoDaddy

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They charged him $25 for his debit card being declined.

Here’s what happened:


Do you think cable companies should be even be on social channels if they are not equipped to handle issues? Or is it a necessity, like having a call center?

We, ourselves, are having a nightmare with Comcast trying to get business internet. It’s been 10 days, 5 different people, and still no clear answer on when we might get either a visit for a site inspection or to get internet.

Is it a lost cause for certain service companies to be in social channels if their core service is broken?

24 Feb 2014

I love you all THIS much!

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You know my mission is to create jobs for all of you via structured, self-paced training.
We are combining the knowledge of our industry friends to assemble these certifications.

If you have stuff you’d like to share, hit me up and we’ll promote you!


2014 is going to be an incredible year, especially for anyone doing social lead gen.

For those of us over 30 that remember the old TV jingles, raise your hand if you’re sure.


Meanwhile, you’ll be seeing less and less of me, as I go back into my cave to help build the logic that drives this system. My title is now Chief Technology Officer to reflect this.

I’ll pop out for the occasional NBA game, but it will be others that need to be the figureheads– the experts in each of their relevant areas.


This is the year that inbound marketing, social marketing, SEO, marketing automation, and PR are on a collision course. We are building the plumbing that will help you tie all your audiences and your content together.

Stay tuned!