06 Apr 2012

Foot Locker dominates athletic retailers on Facebook

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At 2.6 million fans, they have almost double the runner-up, Champs, with 1.38 million fans.

But more importantly, Foot Locker has the lowest engagement rate of the top 5 retailers, at only 1.43%.  The average for athletic retailers is 2.14%.  Lady Foot Locker at 183,700 fans, has a paltry 0.38% engagement rate.

Our recommendation to the Foot Locker team is to leverage Facebook’s Sponsored Stories– to amplify word of mouth.
  They can show messages relevant to what their fans want– those that like Air Jordans should see posts about the latest Air Jordans. Those that don’t like baseball shouldn’t be seeing posts about the latest Nike Diamond Turf II in red and black.  Fans within driving distance of a store should see what’s happening at just their store.  Yes, Facebook is that targeted.

Eastbay is also owned by Foot Locker, but tells a very different story. At only 1.1 million fans, this brand has 28,000 “people talking about” them– the same number as Foot Locker, which has 2.5 times more fans.  Why? They posted 122 times in the last 30 days versus only 79 times. And their posts are shorter, plus are more likely to have photos.

Their most popular post in the last 30 days is below, asking simply “Hot or Not”

94% of respondents are male, not surprisingly.

What if Eastbay or other retailers could look at what’s working well and then amplify it? How about seeing their top fans or what’s working for competitors? If you’re not capturing this data for your brand, you’re missing out. And anything that happened more than 89 days ago on Facebook is gone.  Facebook doesn’t keep your data for you.  Fortunately, Blitz does.

And you can try our dashboards for free, no credit card required. Go to blitzmetrics.com to get yours now, before your competitors do.

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