23 Mar 2010

Google Analytics in Korean– and a scary thought

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Whoa, I just logged into my Google Analytics and see it in Korean.  I hadn’t changed my browser’s language settings, logged in as another user, or had dinner at my favorite Korean restaurant.

I have seen this kind of unexpected personalization from Facebook before, where sometimes they change your language settings based on where you’re coming from. It reminded me of a conversation I had with the CEO of PeekYou yesterday.  We were talking about how Facebook will often nudge you to reconnect with friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. 

Given the amount of data that Google and Facebook have about you, could you imagine walking out of the grocery store — then seeing Facebook send you a text message saying “Hey, you should have bought Miller Lite at Albertson’s, you idiot– it’s $5 cheaper per case there!”  

With applications (games, really) that combine mobile, social, and local– people are broadcasting what they’re doing, where they are, and what businesses they frequent, so it’s actually possible to do that now.  Do you have a rewards card via your favorite supermarket, airline, or hotel?  Now imagine you earn extra points by signing into that program’s Facebook application.  

Would you do it?

P.S.– while most of the words are in Korean, you can still mouse over the links to see the words in English.  Thank goodness that urls are in our alphabet.  And then notice that “Conversion University” is not spelled out in Korean– maybe there’s not a translation for that!

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    This happened to me too!

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