25 Jun 2009

Google Template Center– want to clone your PPC accounts?

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sheep_591We’ve been testing Google Template Center since November 2008.  As you would imagine, if you want to multiply clones off a master template, this is the tool for you.  You can create a master and then copy it over multiple times.  So let’s say that you have a Denver laser surgeon and based on the success there, are able to grab 20 more laser surgeons nationwide (word of mouth is powerful marketing).  With Google Template Center, you can just replicate your account 20 more times.  Easy!  And you can even enforce rules on keywords, bids, ad text, and other requirements.

But before you jump in, there are some key downsides.

  • The templates don’t support local business ads, which are bread and butter to local search advertising.
  • They don’t support mobile (not big yet, but will be huge in a year or two).
  • You can’t automatically transfer billing information– a pain in the rear when you have many accounts.
  • You can achieve the same or better functionality in AdWords Editor by just copying campaigns– it’s just as fast.
  • If you don’t need new accounts, you should just duplicate campaigns within the same account.

The bottom line: Google Template Center is a great idea, but not ready for prime time.  If you want to use it, go into your My Client Center (which you use to manage multiple accounts) and hit the third link (next to Alerts).  Let me know if you are using templates and how it’s working out for you.  I don’t see many folks that are.

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