15 Oct 2009

Blogging tips: Let Google tell you what topics to write about

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(in other words, how to NOT have a blog that gets no traffic)

Every few days I go into Google Analytics to see what’s driving traffic to my site.  If there’s a sharp spike, it’s usually because of a guest blog post or speaking at a conference.  If it’s a gradual increase, it’s because I’m ranking on some organic keywords.  The number 3 keyword driving traffic to my blog over the last few days has been “facebook application promotion“, and that’s been driving new consulting business to BlitzLocal.


So when you see that you’re getting traffic on an organic keyword, the next thing you should do is search on that keyword and related keywords.  So I did that search.


2293239853_ddd6bc4ef4And found that I was ranking #2 out of 58,300,000 results, with the #1 result being Facebook themselves.  Here’s what I’ve learned: if Google thinks your blog is good enough to rank on a competitive keyword, then by all means you should blog more about that keyword and related keywords.  Maybe you rank on a term that is not ultra competitive, such as “cell phones suck“.  Well, with some work, maybe you can eventually rank on “cell phones”. Think of it like winning in junior varsity before moving to varsity or pro.

There are 4 things to consider here:

  • How many hits you’re getting: Don’t worry about the terms that you give only a few hits a month– look only at your top 20 terms.
  • What position you rank: 10 hits a day could be due to ranking #1 on a low volume term or ranking #35 on a high volume term.  So you need to assess how much room there is to grow.
  • The quality of those hits: If the bounce rate is greater than 70%, you have a problem.  It means that people aren’t getting what they’re looking for– and you know that Google notices that bounce rate, too. In search, it’s called bounceback rate– the percentage of folks who “bounce back” to the search engine results page to keep looking.
  • Whether those keywords have economic value: How much are those users worth via AdSense or some affiliate program?

Thus, if you listen to Google, they will help you make more money.  I hope these tips helps you get more traffic– and more earnings– to your blog!

Update: Looks like dennis-yu.com is not ranking #1 on “facebook application promotion” on Google.

15 Oct 2009

Check out these 24 hilarious pumpkin carvings!

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Got 60 seconds?  Check out the 24 funny pumpkin carving images here– they’ll make you laugh.  Here’s my favorite one:


Ok, fine– it’s not technically a “carving”, but it’s still hilarious!

12 Oct 2009

the WORST Facebook Ad ever!

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Not much more needs to be said about this. Gotta wonder how this ad was approved by Facebook. The guy is naked and she probably is, too. What do you think the advertiser was targeting– old guys who say “creeper” in their profile? This is worse than the “date a cougar” ads from a few weeks ago.

05 Oct 2009

Doing what you enjoy vs. doing what makes you rich

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The following is a guest post by an affiliate who has being creating websites and doing various affiliate marketing for over 8 years.

heartjob-723851I could be making 10 times more money than I am right now. So why aren’t I? Because I enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve done a lot of affiliate marketing in the past and I must say, it is incredible how much money you can make, the problem for me is I don’t enjoy doing it full time anymore. What I do enjoy is blogging on work at home scams.

I’m not saying don’t do what makes you good money (because having money allows you to do the things you love), but if you don’t fully enjoy it try mixing inbiggie_math other things that you do enjoy. I still do various affiliate marketing every day but not anywhere near the level that I used too.I make less money doing what I enjoy and I am much happier because of it. Think about your future, will your current job or career make you proud? Maybe you don’t care yet, but someday you will. Someday you will realize that money isn’t everything. As the legendary Biggie Smalls put it, “Mo money mo problems”.

30 Sep 2009

$100 million for Yahoo’s new ad campaign– it’s about YOU!

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3 months ago Microsoft spent $100 million to launch BING search.  And now Yahoo! has followed suit, spending another $100 million for their own branding campaign.  All the while Google and Facebook are laughing at the big company mentality for marketing– to spend money on traditional advertising.

If your search quality hasn’t changed, then invest the $100 million to build a better product, not to just advertise.

Yahoo’s new ad campaign is called “It’s You”, which harkens back to the Life Engine campaign of several years ago– lots of purple.  What I want to know is– how is the new Yahoo! about me, as they claim?


27 Sep 2009

The new XBOX Natal will blow your mind– here’s why

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project-natal-sensor-xboxEvery couple years there is a product innovation that just changes the game.  The new XBOX has no controller, so forget about buying a Nintendo Wii.  The new XBOX has facial recognition and voice recognition– so it can spot you among a crowd of players.  They show an example of a skateboarding game where the kid holds up his skate deck and it scans both sides into the game.  Watch the 3 minute video here:

I predict that:

  • Sales of keyboards and controllers will go way down.
  • Porn companies will find clever applications to hack the box.
  • You will be wasting a lot of time and money replacing your old stuff.
  • Voice and facial ID will supplement password recognition.
  • Uncle Sam and Big Brother are already excited about what is possible.

What do you think?  Are you scared?  Excited?

25 Sep 2009

If you weren’t at ThinkTank, you missed out

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A few dozen of the top internet marketers got together for 3 days at this exclusive event in Del Mar, just north of San Diego. Great food, plenty of drinks, and even better sharing of Internet marketing secrets.  Invite only, since it’s not a conference, but a place where already successful people get together to network and share. The other thing is that we all had to sign NDA’s, so I’m not able to spell out exactly what I learned here.

But what I will tell you is that the $3k entry fee is a fraction of the value of what I received in terms of knowledge and relationships. It’s the best learning that I’ve had in the last 3 years, with no disrespect to Shawn Collins, Danny Sullivan, or Barry Smyth– largely because of the close networking

I also got to wrestle with Robert Drysdale, 6 time world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Yes, he kicked my ass– see pictures below as proof.  Looking forward to spending more time with Robert and Sean at their Las Vegas Jiu Jitsu facility at PubCon in a couple months.


22 Sep 2009

Shawn Collins sings about Dennis Yu! Listen to this…

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Shawn Collins of Affiliate Summit sings a tribute to BlitzLocal.  What do you think?  Go to 9:30 in the clip to go straight to the original song!


20 Sep 2009

Shoemoney has no shoes. Don’t let this happen to you!

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barefeetThis past weekend, ThinkTank attendees stayed at a beachfront hotel– a beautiful resort on the coast, north of San Diego.  A perfect stay, except for the scene created by a rude hotel employee.  In his defense, he’s got a stressful job– working 80-90 hours a week, primarily wandering about the bar and being social with drunk guests.  This is a story of a guy who made a bad thing worse, deciding to take his anger out on professional Internet marketers.

Jeremy Shoemoney was sitting in the hotel lobby, wearing no shoes at this beach resort.  This punk employee yells at him to put his shoes, on in front of a dozen friends.  Treated like an idiot in front of his wife and friends, he refuses– and the punk goes nuclear instantly.  He calls over multiple security guards and attempts to throw out Jeremy.  By now, everyone else is interested in the disturbance– it’s become an ego battle.

A "Super Hero" with an S on his chest vs. A guy who can't control his temper. Hmmm...

Shoemoney Vs. The Incredible Hulk

Fortunately, George Avery steps in help, getting in the middle of two yelling men, in the process being threatened to be thrown out, too.  The hotel employee threatened to throw me out, too, which was irritating, but I kept calm.  Certainly, this fellow was quite important, as he kept asserting his right to throw out anyone in the hotel.

Now there’s a blog at ChristopherPuffer.com– it ranks #1 for “christopher puffer” on Google, by the way, since so many people are linking to the site.  And the hotel management continues to deny that Puffer was in the least bit out of line or slightly aggressive.  Even Puffer continues to say dumb things.  I’m surprised the hotel management hasn’t swooped in to silence him, issue an apology and have the situation go away.

Remember the video on United breaks Taylor guitars?  Or perhaps the untied.com site?  Those customers were so pissed off thGossipat they took the effort to write songs and build websites, which in turn, were picked up by the press.  All the while, the company sat on the sideline, continuing to deny any wrongdoing.

Can you think of examples where you had a bad experience and wanted to tell others?  Amazon has a book on how satisfied customers tell 3 friends, while unhappy customers tell 3,000.

I’m surprised that more companies aren’t including social media training for employees.  But an ounce of courtesy would prevent such situations from flaring up in the first place.

If you find this interesting, put a link to this story on your blog– or just link to ChristopherPuffer.com. I’ll keep you updated with what I hear from the hotel staff and their PR agency.  The PR agency’s site is a 404, by the way.  And next time you see Shoemoney, tell him to keep his shoes on!


Have you seen the parody site about whether Glenn Beck murdered a young girl in 1990?  Obviously, he didn’t.  The site’s author put up the site because Glenn Beck used rhetoric to pin Representative Keith Ellison, a Muslim, to offer proof that he wasn’t working with the enemy.  Outrageous claim, of course.  So this guy gives Beck a taste of his own medicine with this satirical blog.

14 Sep 2009

Friends don’t let friends make paper airplanes

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n36905751_17If you’ve got 6 minutes and 31 seconds, give this a shot from my friend Alex, who has the most popular paper airplanes site on the web.  If you’re one of those folks who likes to watch cooking shows, but doesn’t actually get around to following along– don’t worry, you can do this no sweat.  The plane is called the Cobra– and it took me only one sheet of paper (proof below) to do it, although I had to pause and rewind a couple times.  Flies perfectly as claimed– like a dart.

DSC00802Check out Alex’s personal blog, as well as his cocktail making site.  If you’re really brave, try making the sweaty bollock recipe, which has 3 shots of absinthe.  If you don’t know what bollock are– look it up.  Perhaps making cocktails and paper airplanes don’t mix!

Alex Schultz  APIs

Alex's Cocktail Recipes - )1600 Cocktails

Some pages on his site, such as the types of paper airplanes, don’t have page titles  (SEO ooops!)– but all is forgiven for the man who is in charge of Facebook’s own SEO and online marketing. You can learn a lot from this man– not just about paper airplanes and cocktails.