Yes, our agency hires young adults

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Yes, our agency hires young adults. People constantly question my reasoning behind this. Are these young people truly certified and mature enough to be doing this type of work for big clients and personal brands? The way we ensure accountability and quality performance in our work is through the use… Read more »

What a Billionaire Told Me About Charging Clients (Most People Miss This! Don’t Miss it too!)

After years of experience working with clients all over the world, it was when I met a billionaire friend that made me realise something most people miss… A billionaire friend told me not to charge by the hour or the month. Yes, I know this is weird because it’s what… Read more »

A Little Kindness Now Pays Dividends Later

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How do you maintain great relationships without burning yourself out? Well, before I go into that, imagine these two scenarios… You go on a date with someone. They make an over-the-top romantic gesture, professing their love in skywriting (complemented with a song they wrote about you). Then, you never hear… Read more »

Elevate your career with these 3 types of business relationships

EMPLOYEE: Hired hand, lowest value, does what they’re told, low loyalty, easy to scale, pay for continued results. PARTNER: Higher skill level, Shared mission, medium commitment, must negotiate, potentially high impact. MENTOR: highest skill level, no cost because they believe in you, greatest impact. Use the right relationship type for… Read more »

The Value Of Gratitude

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I want to share with you the most powerful thing I know in business, which will take you only a couple minutes a day to do. No, it’s not the Dollar a Day technique. But first, let me give you some perspective… The older I get, the less need I… Read more »

The Scrappy Entrepreneur’s Video Studio for under $1,000

I’m a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t want to mess with expensive, complex video equipment. I’m here to make money for our company and our clients, not make the next Star Wars trilogy. Over the last 5 years, I’ve tried dozens of cameras, lights, and gadgets at various price ranges. And… Read more »

Look at How Powerful Crowdsourcing Information is in Writing Listicles

I’ve practiced this technique countless times. It’s super easy, and also powerful. Crowdsourcing is when you reach out to your following to collect information on a subject from them. We all have subjects we don’t know much about. With such great fans, friends, and followers, we can reach out and… Read more »

Are You Babysitting or Coaching Your Employees?

How often do you spend your time answering questions that could be solved with a Google search? Micro-managing sucks. Your team wants babysitting, but they need coaching. Hand-holding quickly shifts from enabling to prohibiting progress. Jeff Foxworthy puts it bluntly: Answer questions that should have been Googled. Repeat yourself hundreds,… Read more »

Jason Miller is the True Rockstar of Content Marketing

Jason A. Miller is literally a rockstar, as he is a full-time photographer and has a full-time gig running content marketing globally for LinkedIn. He has a book out, filled with photos of rock legends and the stories behind them. I first met Jason when he was at Marketo, after… Read more »

What posts work on LinkedIn and what posts don’t

I get more engagement on LinkedIn than on Facebook– can you believe that? LinkedIn is a bonanza, since it’s a big audience with little competition. Milk this for the next few months, just like the early days of Google or Facebook. Check out these posts and see what you can… Read more »

Why Billy Gene is the Quintessential American Marketer We Love and Hate

Billy Gene is to marketing as Las Vegas is to America. Let’s go behind the surface appearances to discover what’s underneath, and I’ll explain how he went from relative obscurity to being on all the top stages making a million dollars a month in passive income. Like you, I’ve watched… Read more »

How to avoid Facebook banning your ad account and what to do if it happens

Our main Facebook ad account got shut down a couple weeks ago. Again. For those who share our pain, you must know that it’s rare to get it back. Appealing to Facebook doesn’t work. Contacting support? Fruitless. Even when you are spending a million dollars a month and have a… Read more »