$50 a Day for Internet Access in Miami

I travel a lot. So few people get to see how much hotels, airlines, convention centers, or your mobile carrier charge you for internet access. Check out what Swisscom, who powers the Miami Convention Center, charges.







I estimate I spend about 500 dollars a month for internet access:

  • $50 for Comcast
  • $70 for my Verizon aircard (assuming no overages)
  • $150 for my Verizon droid phone to hit the internet
  • $150 for hotel access for 10-15 stays
  • $30 for GoGo inflight access
  • $20 a month for Southwest ($5 each time when they have it)
  • $20 for Boingo wifi spots

What do you spend for internet access?



3 thoughts on “$50 a Day for Internet Access in Miami

  1. Holan Nakata

    Wow you spend a lot on internet!

    You spend $150 just for internet on your Droid??? That’s a lot.

    Are the types of hotels that charge for internet access luxury type hotels?
    I wouldn’t know since I don’t stay in upscale hotels.

    I can’t imagine why they would charge that much nowadays
    unless you needed it for a presentation room (then hotels charge a lot more!!!)

    I travel to a few different popular hotels: novatel, sheraton, hilton,
    and they’ve done a great job on providing free wifi or access on their own computers in the lobby for guest.

    $50 for comcast. I’m assuming that’s your high speed ISP for home or office.

    That’s a great deal (compared to prices they charge in Hawaii)!
    Small Business accounts in Honolulu charge $79.99+Tax for entry level cable or dsl internet plans.

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