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How to tell if they’re serious or not

Want a pro tip on how to tell if someone is going to be a go-getter, whether a student qualifying to be a specialist or a business qualifying to be a client? Response time is key. When there’s something simple to do– to forward a thread, perform a task that… Read more »

What I’ve learned after giving over 730 professional speeches

I was terrified the first time I spoke at a conference It was in front of 2,000 people as a keynote address, representing American Airlines, discussing the future of CRM. Standing backstage, my adrenaline was pumping. I couldn’t remember what I was going to say. You know the feeling when… Read more »

A clever way to impress friends for $10 and 60 seconds of your time via Amazon Prime

Who doesn’t like the surprise gift in their mailbox? One of our favorite things to do after meeting with friends and business partners is to choose something relevant to our conversation and find something on Amazon Prime. They usually reciprocate, especially if they’re social media people. ¬†Yes, I’m looking at… Read more »

So you’re a social media consultant trying to generate leads on Facebook?

A couple days ago, this random guy called my personal cell phone to pitch his services on how he would help me become known as a marketing expert. Do you get such calls, too? He didn’t have a Facebook page himself. And when I asked him if he knew what… Read more »