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Don’t do this if you want to speak at a conference

  Putting on conferences is increasingly harder, so organizers are resorting to trading speaking slots for sponsorship dollars. The result is that most conferences devolve into pitchfests, where vendors shamelessly sell, like above. Here is one example of where they reached out and I replied asking for more information: So… Read more »

10 Facebook Marketing Tips From 10 Musicians

We recently spoke at the SongRise Music Conference in Peace River, Alberta. It’s an annual conference / workshop for people in the music industry. I invited attendees to share the following: “What is the one tip you want to share with other artists that you learned at the SongRise Conference… Read more »

Infusionsoft sent 3,177,691,143 emails in 2012

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It was almost a year ago when Clate Mask shared this stat. 3 years ago, they sent only 80 million emails, you do the math. Last year, Infusionsoft had 13,543 customers and 48,365 users. The company captured 40 million leads and processed $1.5 billion in revenue in e-commerce. I’m excited… Read more »