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The Scrappy Entrepreneur’s Video Studio for under $1,000

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I’m a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t want to mess with expensive, complex video equipment. I’m here to make money for our company and our clients, not make the next Star Wars trilogy. Over the last 5 years, I’ve tried dozens of cameras, lights, and gadgets at various price ranges. And… Read more »

Microsoft is not going to be SkyNet any time soon

You see their new site, They guess at age and gender from any photos you upload. Of course, you could integrate this with your app and any device that has a camera. Could you imagine Minority Report coming from this any time soon? We’re quite a ways from predicting… Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know Gmail Could Do

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This is a guest post by Tom Samph, Director of Content at Grovo Email takes up 28% of workers’ time.  That’s about two hours and 14 minutes per every 8-hour workday. Emails are by far one of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace, along with mobile phones, and meetings… Read more »

The hidden career of the online marketer

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Lyft and Uber disrupted the taxi business by allowing anyone with an iPhone to be a cab driver whenever they had a little extra time.   Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry by making spare bedrooms for rent.   FancyHands, odesk, taskrabbit and other personal assistant services let you be a… Read more »

Dennis Yu: Taking Facebook Marketing by Digital Storm!

So I decide to have some fun and ask a local student to write a biography for me. This is what he came up with.   Dennis Yu is not only a Facebook Marketing expert and CEO of a company, he is also an avid anteater collector and loves Magic:… Read more »

Why “Killer Facebook Ads” by Marty Weintraub is a MUST-Read

If you’ve ever heard Marty speak—a whirlwind of energy—then you can appreciate that reading his book on Killer Facebook Ads is like having him sitting next to you, explaining exactly how you would create ads for your particular situation. 200 pages of Marty—enough to make your mind explode with ideas!… Read more »

The best $5 I ever spent

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I met this fellow Jason Stephens on  He did a killer impersonation of Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken, which you can listen to here. Yes, I got this for only $5. And, no, this is not a paid endorsement.  I was so thrilled working with him that I wrote… Read more »

The new XBOX Natal will blow your mind– here’s why

Every couple years there is a product innovation that just changes the game.  The new XBOX has no controller, so forget about buying a Nintendo Wii.  The new XBOX has facial recognition and voice recognition– so it can spot you among a crowd of players.  They show an example of… Read more »