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285 companies have me in their Facebook custom audiences.

Yup. Don’t freak out– it’s not like walking naked into a mosquito nest. You already know that Facebook has given us a tool to download all our data— messages, posts, pictures, friends, and whatnot– even private stuff. But I’ll bet you didn’t know they recently and quietly added a list… Read more »

Google’s search share went from 79% to 75%– why that doesn’t matter

So much quibbling among the SEOs of how Bing is stealing traffic from Google or how Yahoo! isn’t what it once was. Ten years ago, I worked at Yahoo!. And while I’d be tempted to chime in on this tempest in a teapot, they’re missing the point. People are increasingly… Read more »

The most expensive ad on Facebook ever?

Check this out– $39.68 on 390 impressions. That works out to $107.60 CPM (cost per thousand impressions). For the math people out there, that is 10 cents per IMPRESSION, not per click. Fortunately, I got 7 clicks, so it works out to less than $6 a click. Is that too… Read more »

What I learned from 4.5 days watching Travis Wright– master storyteller in action

He’s a big Jayhawks fan. And a fan of the Chiefs– even got the previous head coach fired. Master storyteller, media manipulator and stand-up comedian. Makes his corporate presentations funny, too. He sprinkles animated gifs into his presentation– try it! Social in real life translates into social online. Do you think… Read more »

Silly! Facebook is like a garden, not a supermarket

Scott Rawcliffe is a fitness instructor who also coaches other fitness pros. His content is solid, posting a couple times a day with a strong mix of photos, motivational quotes, and interesting tidbits. His reach was usually under 100 people (the number of people who see his posts) and he… Read more »

Attack of the potty mouths on Facebook– how to immunize yourself

If you’ve run a boosted post (just don’t do it) or a newsfeed ad, you’ll get this. No, it’s not Tourette’s. It’s people who don’t understand that pages can pay to show up in the newsfeed. You can snipe a single person’s newsfeed, even without their friends or your fan noticing. They will… Read more »

How to not suck at public speaking

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I was so afraid of speaking publicly that I hid until I had to come out.   Even a meeting with just 5 people gave me the shivers– I’d freeze up and later kick myself on all the clever things that I should have said then.   Fast forward a… Read more »

603% Growth from Sponsored Stories- What One Small Biz Learned

This is a guest blog post by Kathy Hipple of Noosphere Marketing Sada Shop increased its fan base by over 600% in just two months by launching a clever quiz and a fun contest, and adding sponsored ads to amplify their fans’ response. Here’s how we did it: Devise an engaging… Read more »

Why “Killer Facebook Ads” by Marty Weintraub is a MUST-Read

If you’ve ever heard Marty speak—a whirlwind of energy—then you can appreciate that reading his book on Killer Facebook Ads is like having him sitting next to you, explaining exactly how you would create ads for your particular situation. 200 pages of Marty—enough to make your mind explode with ideas!… Read more »

Small Business Tells All– How He Achieved 1081 Percent Growth on Facebook

Hello Dennis, After following the instructions for Dennis’ AppSumo video, I was able to build a following of 3,775 fans of my FB page (from 300). That’s good news. When I post a link to a new page of my webcomic or something, my “Feedback” percentage tends to be in… Read more »

Web and Social Analytics

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Yesterday, Google Analytics released a premium version of their analytics, aimed straight at the heart of Omniture and Webtrends. Looking at the fact sheet, it seems to be not only better in functionality than these enterprise packages, but nicer looking, too. Now that they have support, advanced tagging, real-time analytics,… Read more »

OMS Houston: Facebook Secrets

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You should have attended to learn the secrets. Let me summarize a few: Like your competitors so that your likes are on their page– not removable by them. Like your own posts, since it boosts EdgeRank. Always respond to comments and posts on your wall to demonstrate reciprocity to your… Read more »

Would you recommend this on Facebook?

I most certainly would! It seems that Facebook is in the reviews game with their questions about your favorite places and apps.  Is Facebook the sleeper that will kill off Yelp and other review sites?  If past history is any indicator, they are the king at amassing user generated content.  

Omniture says 0% of BlitzMetrics’s traffic is from Facebook

  Well, this unsolicited letter from Omniture (now part of Adobe)  had me scratching my head, since our company specializes in driving Facebook traffic.  Do a Google search on facebook advertising and see where we rank. Also, we have 4,920 fans on Facebook vs Omniture’s 3,410. What is presumptuous about… Read more »

The best $5 I ever spent

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I met this fellow Jason Stephens on  He did a killer impersonation of Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken, which you can listen to here. Yes, I got this for only $5. And, no, this is not a paid endorsement.  I was so thrilled working with him that I wrote… Read more »

Premium Facebook ads are now in Marketplace inventory

Curious to see what advertisers think about this and whether Facebook will be able to justify the premium CPA on these ads units, even with the video functionality and only one ad per page.  Or perhaps some of the marketplace ads are allowed to have premium features.  Seems like both… Read more »

A clever trick to automatically invite all your Facebook friends to be fans of your page

For folks that have a personal profile (a “standard” account), you can use a clever trick to invite all of these friends to fan the page.  There is no way to automatically import.  When you’re on the Facebook fan page that you want to invite all your friends to, you… Read more »

Facebook deals a MASSIVE blow to small business

Yesterday afternoon, developers all over began complaining that they couldn’t create FBML pages, the necessary elements of custom landing pages.  The new rule was that you had to either have 10,000 fans or have an account rep, which means that you’re spending money on advertising.  We have some clients that… Read more »