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Thoughts Astray: A founders story by Josh Bachrach of Stable Company

I admire entrepreneurs of all types. I’ve known Josh for a few years and wanted to share with you the zeal that only founders have. Notice how this is different than how an employee talks about their company—even without the F word! Ever since I can remember, clothes have been… Read more »

603% Growth from Sponsored Stories- What One Small Biz Learned

This is a guest blog post by Kathy Hipple of Noosphere Marketing Sada Shop increased its fan base by over 600% in just two months by launching a clever quiz and a fun contest, and adding sponsored ads to amplify their fans’ response. Here’s how we did it: Devise an engaging… Read more »

Employees and Students: One Trait to Rule them All

An Article by Keith Wilcox When I was in high school, I was a good runner. It wasn’t just in my head either; I won all sorts of fancy awards during my junior and senior years. I was good in college, too, but that’s a different story. I had the… Read more »

Online Marketing from the Pest Control Tech.

Online Marketing is like Monopoly. In the game of Monopoly you roll the dice, land on property, buy un-owned property, pay rent, develop property, collect rent and pass go. The problem many people have with this game is that they leave the game to luck and many hate the game… Read more »

Blogging is as Simple as Pulling your Head out of your Ass

Okay, I admit it.  Some of the details can be a little challenging.  I still have to look up a bunch of HTML that I’m sure other bloggers know by heart.  I don’t know exactly how Google PR works, and I’ll be damned if Alexa rankings make any sense to… Read more »

Creating the Perfect Storm- A guest post by Leigh Hanney

This is a guest post by Leigh Hanney, Head of Marketing at and Blogger at I talk to a lot of people about online marketing, some are super experienced and others are really only just starting out. But so often I hear the same story from both ends… Read more »

Doing what you enjoy vs. doing what makes you rich

The following is a guest post by an affiliate who has being creating websites and doing various affiliate marketing for over 8 years. I could be making 10 times more money than I am right now. So why aren’t I? Because I enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve done a lot… Read more »

Need some high performance headphones? Check these out!

Bruce Forbes of Equation Audio sent us 3 sets of his awesome headphones for review.  In his words…. The RP-22X’s were developed after we had perfected the RP-21’s as far as that design topology and material integration would allow.  The thing that is selling these headphones is they compete extremely… Read more »

Want to be a well-known affiliate blogger? My interview with Murray Newlands

I was able to catch up Murray Newlands, a famous blogger. We were able to have nice about his work in affiliate marketing, and the secret behind site,, an affiliate blog that came from nowhere and is now everywhere in Google and twitter. Not only has he some great… Read more »

Print headline sells the news, optimized web headline tells the news

This is a guest blog post by Ahteram Uddin, who runs online marketing for the Times of India, the largest newspaper in the world. Yes– bigger than New York Times. If you are into News aggregating business or your website has an industry specific News section you stand a chance… Read more »

2 Keys to Getting A GREAT Massage

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A guest blog post by Velina Lujan, a Boulder massage therapist and BlitzMetrics client.     Questions to ask Yourself before interviewing Massage Therapists: What do I want out of the session? Do you want to just de-stress, work out some really big knots, focus on an injury or a… Read more »

World’s largest group dating site goes from free to subscription based

A guest post by Adam Sachs, co-founder of Ignighter, a group dating site with great relationship advice and a fun place to work I’m Adam Sachs and I run the world’s largest group dating site. Since our initial launch as a Facebook Application in January 2008 and subsequent relaunch as… Read more »

Facebook Ads New Targeting to Application Owners

Guest Post by Nicholas Abramovic. Nicholas helps singles meet new people at Zoosk – the largest dating application on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Hi5. Nick also covers affiliate marketing, advanced ppc tactics and other fun stuff at many body theory. Facebook’s self-serve advertising platform now allows advertisers to target whether… Read more »

Landing Page Optimization and the ‘Middle Child Syndrome’

This article was written by Leigh Hanney of   In any structured system the introduction of a new variable will have a lasting influence on that structure. In short, nothing will remain the same.   Take a typical family unit of two parents and one child… When a second… Read more »