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Google’s search share went from 79% to 75%– why that doesn’t matter

So much quibbling among the SEOs of how Bing is stealing traffic from Google or how Yahoo! isn’t what it once was. Ten years ago, I worked at Yahoo!. And while I’d be tempted to chime in on this tempest in a teapot, they’re missing the point. People are increasingly… Read more »

All Your Data Are Belong to Us

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My hat is off to Kara and Walt for warning readers of All Things Digital about tracking cookies on their site. Today, it seems that surfing the web is akin to wading naked into a mosquito infested swamp.  You can’t avoid getting stung, but you have no choice– your home… Read more »

Google Analytics can predict the future

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My best friend is a stay at home dad. Last Halloween, he blogged about funny pumpkin carvings and quickly started ranking on that term.  His traffic went from a few dozen visits a day in late October to a couple thousand daily uniques right at Halloween.  It’s now one year… Read more »

Alexa, Quantcast, ComScore, Compete, etc… Are they accurate?

We get this question all the time, so I’m going to answer it here and then point people back to this post. Alexa is the most well-known of the traffic measurement services, but also the least accurate. Let me explain why. Alexa rankings are based on the behavior of the… Read more »

Why some technology companies fail and others succeed

Many folks speculate why Google has overtaken Yahoo! in search or why Facebook has dominated in social networking, versus Friendster. I believe there’s one key factor— if you’re running a technology company, you need a technologist at the helm.  Larry and Sergey of Google were Ph Ds (or about to… Read more »

10 Commandments of Running an Ad Network

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If you run an ad network, see how many of these 10 Commandments you actually deliver upon versus just say you do: 1.  Thou shalt deliver publishers better eCPM’s: Not the highest payouts, but just better than the competition. That means some ads don’t get to run.  Though we are… Read more »

Five Magic Words to Grow Your Online Marketing Agency

You don’t want or need to have every potential deal that’s out there. Be choosy. Would you rather have 40 clients that each pay you $1k a month in fees or 4 clients that each pay you $10k a month?

4 steps to make a KILLER Infographic and drive natural inbound links

Gather some interesting statistics and then make a chart out of it– and you’ve got yourself an Infographic.  Examples are showing a map of the world and income for each country displayed by green bars.  Or perhaps it’s the price of gasoline over the last 2 years graphed against milk… Read more »

Google now offers Pay Per Call indirectly

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If local advertising companies aren’t already quaking in their boots with Google’s recent blitz of new enhancements in local– Place Pages, Favorite Places, Caffeine, ad extensions, sitelinks, Fixed Fee Listings (yes, the beta was over due to poor performance), and so forth.   We’ve known for a few months that… Read more »

Google AdWords Bid Simulator– observations

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 The new Bid Simulator, which you’ll see in the keywords tab, forecasts how many clicks and impressions you’ll see at different bid levels.  It only shows the simulator for some of the keywords– not sure what logic is used to choose which ones.  It certainly isn’t search volume, since some… Read more »

One mistake in organic search you’re probably making

For the last year, Google has been showing personalized search results– did you know that if you are logged in versus not, you’ll often see different search results?  Thus, you may be thinking that you rank highly on a search term for you or your client– but really it’s because… Read more »

Check your landing pages for this

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Recently seen and heard again, starting anything with the words: “Do you need” or “Do you want” are big spam flags.  It’s mostly applicable to email, but also on web pages.  This will affect you in organic search and possibly paid search Quality Scores. A lot of the rules that… Read more »

Print headline sells the news, optimized web headline tells the news

This is a guest blog post by Ahteram Uddin, who runs online marketing for the Times of India, the largest newspaper in the world. Yes– bigger than New York Times. If you are into News aggregating business or your website has an industry specific News section you stand a chance… Read more »

How to grow your SEM business in Asia

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Guest Post By Gerald Neo, Who runs SEM in Singapore is just starting out. Lots of companies have just started to realise the importance of SEM. For those, that have started for a few years, are only covering the surface. They have not fully explore the full potential of… Read more »

I will do a SEO analysis of your site for FREE!

A few days ago, I offered to perform a SEO analysis on the website of one lucky winner– something at BlitzMetrics that we normally charge between $6k-10k to do.  There were 23 responses and I’m choosing, which is by Keith Mander, a current Facebook employee and ex-Googler (not to… Read more »

The 3 types of Facebook traffic– what is best?

My apologies in advance for the math here– I’ll keep it to a minimum to explain the points. Below is a Google Analytics screenshot from a funeral planning site.  Facebook traffic represents sources 4, 5, and 8. 4) This is self-serve PPC traffic from ads that show up on… Read more »

Are you going to ThinkTank in San Diego– September 17-19th?

I am pleased to be invited to ThinkTank, which takes place in just 2 months.  It’s invite-only and is nearly sold out– but if you ask one of the attendees like myself, you might still get a spot.  By the way, the registration fee is $3k, so if that’s too… Read more »

Raining money from the sky

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Golf-ball sized hail is coming down right now in Boulder– our yard looks like a driving range littered with hail chunks. As an internet marketer, instead of hearing hail pelting our windows, I hear clicks from people typing in “Denver hail damage”, as they need new roofs and car repairs…. Read more »