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Not everyone will be famous because…

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Only a handful of people are willing to do what it takes to earn their fame. Although business owners want to build their digital reputation, they often realize they don’t have the time to give their brand the attention it needs to flourish. Many times, they lack the technical know-how… Read more »

Look at How Powerful Crowdsourcing Information is in Writing Listicles

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I’ve practiced this technique countless times. It’s super easy, and also powerful. Crowdsourcing is when you reach out to your following to collect information on a subject from them. We all have subjects we don’t know much about. With such great fans, friends, and followers, we can reach out and… Read more »

How I Manage 1,000 Emails a Day

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Yes, 1,000 emails a day. 30,000 emails a month.   I follow the #DDD principle which stands for Do, Delegate, and Delete. We practice this company-wide along with the rest of our 9 triangles. Do, delegate, and delete is our personal efficiency triangle. I archive (delete) most items right away…. Read more »

I am the UNPROFITABLE leader

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Imagine a stack of 500 papers, each page representing a task. You work tirelessly to get through this stack but can’t get through all of them. To make matters worse, each day, 500 more pages are added to the stack, making it ever taller. This stack represents your inbox, meeting… Read more »

Are You Babysitting or Coaching Your Employees?

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How often do you spend your time answering questions that could be solved with a Google search? Micro-managing sucks. Your team wants babysitting, but they need coaching. Hand-holding quickly shifts from enabling to prohibiting progress. Jeff Foxworthy puts it bluntly: Answer questions that should have been Googled. Repeat yourself hundreds,… Read more »

How to create a KILLER Facebook Funnel using an easy 3×3 grid

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Successful product marketing requires sequencing users through a WHY, HOW, and WHAT flow.  Without this, you have random, irrelevant, interruptive, un-targeted, and wasteful marketing. See: WHAT is what you’re already doing to sell– based on price, features, special dates, testimonials, and other traditional marketing.   HOW is teaching what you… Read more »

How A Mercedes Benz Car Went From $47,000 to $11,000

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The new CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, Dietmar Exler, upon taking the role, said: “You’d better have your act together regarding the culture you want to create, or the 300 new people will create it for you,” Exler says in the article published June 30. Exler talks about immersing new employees… Read more »

A great Corporate Stay in Vancouver

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I’ve been to Vancouver half a dozen times– an easy 2 hour drive from Seattle or a short flight up from Portland, SF, or LA. My favorite experience was hiking Grouse Mountain with Brad Twohig, before he become a big-time venture capitalist and before I became 70 pounds in the… Read more »

What happened when I boosted a Facebook post for $976.06

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This is our 21 year old CEO, keynoting in front of a couple thousand people. Pretty impressive, right? But these moments mean nothing unless you boost them on Facebook. Here are the most recent posts– and you can see that the ones not boosted don’t get very far: Now I… Read more »

How Business Insider creates decent Facebook videos with ease

9 things you didn’t know about Air Force One: Posted by Business Insider on Sunday, July 5, 2015 Here is an organic video from Business Insider, a publisher of broad-ranging content that uses BuzzFeed-like techniques. Better content and not as far as the linkbaiting spectrum, so a good player to… Read more »

How to scale up your agency: a fresh approach

A colleague and I were discussing “leadership” and what that truly meant.  We came up with this analogy, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Imagine you move rocks for a living.  The more rocks you move, the more you’re paid.  You don’t move rocks, you don’t get paid.  Thus, you understand… Read more »

Competition is for losers

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In his new book “Zero to One” and in this awesome Stanford startup lecture, Peter Thiel talks about how companies need to differentiate such that you have no competitors. That sounds ridiculous, if you’re a consultant, since there are so many other consultants out there beating their chests, all saying they’re… Read more »

A dead post from 3 years ago suddenly comes alive– and my guess why

I wrote a blog post on project management three years ago. It sat dormant. No hits. And then a few weeks ago, it got 1,792 pageviews. All organic. No ads and nobody promoting it, from what I can tell. The only hypothesis I have is that it’s actually Facebook traffic… Read more »

COX Cable is taught a lesson by the former head of social customer care of GoDaddy

They charged him $25 for his debit card being declined. Here’s what happened: Do you think cable companies should be even be on social channels if they are not equipped to handle issues? Or is it a necessity, like having a call center? We, ourselves, are having a nightmare with… Read more »