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When I lived in Salt Lake City

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In his new book “Zero to One” and in this awesome StanfordĀ startup lecture, Peter Thiel talks about how companies need to differentiate such that you have no competitors. That sounds ridiculous, if you’re a consultant, since there are so many other consultants out there beating their chests, all saying they’re… Read more »

A dead post from 3 years ago suddenly comes alive– and my guess why

I wrote a blog post on project management three years ago. It sat dormant. No hits. And then a few weeks ago, it got 1,792 pageviews. All organic. No ads and nobody promoting it, from what I can tell. The only hypothesis I have is that it’s actually Facebook traffic… Read more »

COX Cable is taught a lesson by the former head of social customer care of GoDaddy

They charged him $25 for his debit card being declined. Here’s what happened: Do you think cable companies should be even be on social channels if they are not equipped to handle issues? Or is it a necessity, like having a call center? We, ourselves, are having a nightmare with… Read more »

The weird reason why your marketing absolutely sucks

If your marketing team is awesome, you’ll never actually produce a brochure. Ā Rather, you make stuff so informative that people don’t realize it’s selling them. The folks at Optimizely published a book on A/B testing– with example after example of landing page tweaks that helped Obama get elected, more donations… Read more »

How to lose $293.60 on Southwest Airlines

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Buried on page 7 of a 36 page document is a change that Southwest quietly implemented onĀ September 13th.     If you don’t check in within 10 minutes of your flight, you lose ALL of your funds. No exceptions.   I found this out the hard way at the ticket… Read more »