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Want to grow unlock awesomeness in your business? Promote your winners

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Man, have I ever been so guilty of focusing on the troublemakers– the people who just can’t perform and projects that are failing. Which means I neglect the performers, since the “squeaky wheel” gets the attention. I’ve lost some good people because I was so busy helping the stragglers that… Read more »

6 things you should NOT ask me

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I like to consider myself a generous guy and am always delighted to help others however I can. But there are 6 major fouls in my book that happen more often than I’d like, such as: Asking for money. I will “loan” money only to friends, which means I don’t… Read more »

Nobody wants to admit this, but good people are the ones who kill startups

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You keep your great people and terminate the bad people- we all do that. But it’s the merely good people that will kill you. “Steve is a good guy”, you tell yourself. He didn’t do anything so egregious that he deserves getting fired. And maybe his performance will improve if you… Read more »

How to scale up your agency: a fresh approach

A colleague and I were discussing “leadership” and what that truly meant.  We came up with this analogy, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Imagine you move rocks for a living.  The more rocks you move, the more you’re paid.  You don’t move rocks, you don’t get paid.  Thus, you understand… Read more »

As an entrepreneur, you face the most concentrated of unspoken evils.

Yes, you’re busy. But go watch this video right now, anyway: It’s 48 minutes of encouragement and perspective for entrepreneurs with Elon Musk. If you’re still reading this, go back and at least watch from 34 minutes onward. As an entrepreneur, every problem in the company is brought to you,… Read more »

My favorite trick to weeding out unqualified job applicants

You probably heard of Van Halen’s 53 page contract rider and how it required a bowl of M&M’s backstage– brown ones removed. It’s not that brown M&M’s are necessarily bad. Rather, the band was checking for attention to detail. If there were brown M&M’s there, they knew to expect sloppiness… Read more »

Do you want to really understand Dennis Yu?

I did an experiment yesterday on Facebook. I posted a quote, unattributed. Post by Dennis Yu.   And it got a few dozens likes immediately. Ironically, it was a Simon Sinek quote, which a few people spotted. Martin Luther King was able to get 250,000 people together Washington DC on… Read more »

You wouldn’t believe this was me a year ago

A year ago, I had nothing– no health, no money, and a career that looked more like a homeless man’s exploits than what might pass as a functional business. I explain what that life feels like here. Ever chase money and feel like a hamster on a wheel? I was chasing… Read more »

To cancel or not to cancel, that is the question

I was looking at alternate flight options to get to Boston tomorrow. On Delta’s website, they tell me I have to cancel my original reservation if I want a different flight. So do I hit “cancel” or hit “okay”?

Admit It – You’re Struggling as a Small Business

We pretend everything’s just fine to our fellow business owners and friends. But the truth is, we all struggle – we’re calm on the surface but paddling like mad below the water. Each week, payroll’s a gamble because you’re not always sure where the funds are coming from to pay… Read more »

Why Starbucks = Community

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I’m at 38,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Norway, having just finished “Onward” by Howard Schultz. It’s the story of Starbucks’ turnaround from early 2008 to late 2010—the founding CEO coming back to take the reins and revive what the brand is about. You should read… Read more »

Why Orange Marketing CEO Ali Mostofian does not help friends

This is a guest post by Ali Mostofian of Orange Marketing, who kindly wrote this post after talking on Facebook about his personal experiences relating to the original article, Why you should not help friends After I saw the blog post by Dennis Yu “Why you should not help friends”, we… Read more »

Southwest Airlines- A Rapid Rewards Junkie Confesses

Southwest is my airline of choice in the United States because it rewards thos who game the system.  Every seat is first class, so they’ll tell you, but really there is only one per plane located next to the over-wing exits. The row ahead has no seat ahead of you…. Read more »

How to be a great salesperson

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Great salespeople aren’t just about pushing the current set of product features with hard-sell tactics. Rather, they align with a client’s problems first, of which later it’s clear that our social media dashboards help solve the problem. Great salespeople need empathy and imagination imagine if you didn’t have to create… Read more »

So, you want to start your own online marketing agency?

I was chatting with a friend who has amazing online marketing skills and serves local clients. He wanted to grow his practice to include Fortune 500 brands. Here is my advice. Don’t assume growing is automatically a good thing. Once you get beyond a dozen or so clients, you’ll have… Read more »

How to get stuff done.

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Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to manage your very first project. You’ve demonstrated that you’re a good worker bee— you can make campaigns, prepare reports, and do whatever else you’ve been assigned. But managing a project is a completely different matter. Now, instead of dutifully doing what you’re told, you have… Read more »

Employees and Students: One Trait to Rule them All

An Article by Keith Wilcox When I was in high school, I was a good runner. It wasn’t just in my head either; I won all sorts of fancy awards during my junior and senior years. I was good in college, too, but that’s a different story. I had the… Read more »

The most underrated quality in entrepreneurship

It’s about 5 am and I’m on my way to the airport again.  If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you know it’s a difficult and lonely road that usually ends in failure. If you are not a start-up or business owner, you can safely ignore the rest of this article…. Read more »

In God We Trust—All Others Pay Cash

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If you’re a fledgling software company like us, you know how many ways potential clients, relatives, and partners want to get you to consult for free. But if you’re going to be a viable company that can pay bills and hire quality people, you have to say no so that… Read more »