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I just don’t have enough

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Not enough time. Not enough money. I don’t have enough in every aspect of my life. And so I adopt a scarcity attitude, justifying my rude behavior towards others. After all, if there isn’t enough to go around, it’s a dog eat dog world, right? There are only so many… Read more »

Only 44% of American adults have a good job

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Our government say the unemployment rate is only 5.6%, but it’s a “big lie” according to Joe Clifton, CEO of Gallup. Gallup is a measurement and polling company, so if anyone knows how to manipulate numbers, they would. We’ve talked about the slave economy, where people have micro-jobs, but are still… Read more »

How to scale up your agency: a fresh approach

A colleague and I were discussing “leadership” and what that truly meant.  We came up with this analogy, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Imagine you move rocks for a living.  The more rocks you move, the more you’re paid.  You don’t move rocks, you don’t get paid.  Thus, you understand… Read more »

7 Ways Speakers Misbehave at a Conference

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John Chow has 8 killer tips on how to supercharge your conference productivity. But how about the stuff you absolutely shouldn’t do? Promote your stuff.  Ironically, the best way to generate business is to never tout your own stuff. Let your knowledge speak for itself and let others speak for you. Read your… Read more »

What I learned from 4.5 days watching Travis Wright– master storyteller in action

He’s a big Jayhawks fan. And a fan of the Chiefs– even got the previous head coach fired. Master storyteller, media manipulator and stand-up comedian. Makes his corporate presentations funny, too. He sprinkles animated gifs into his presentation– try it! Social in real life translates into social online. Do you think… Read more »

Attack of the potty mouths on Facebook– how to immunize yourself

If you’ve run a boosted post (just don’t do it) or a newsfeed ad, you’ll get this. No, it’s not Tourette’s. It’s people who don’t understand that pages can pay to show up in the newsfeed. You can snipe a single person’s newsfeed, even without their friends or your fan noticing. They will… Read more »

How to not suck at public speaking

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I was so afraid of speaking publicly that I hid until I had to come out.   Even a meeting with just 5 people gave me the shivers– I’d freeze up and later kick myself on all the clever things that I should have said then.   Fast forward a… Read more »

Dennis Yu: Taking Facebook Marketing by Digital Storm!

So I decide to have some fun and ask a local student to write a biography for me. This is what he came up with.   Dennis Yu is not only a Facebook Marketing expert and CEO of a company, he is also an avid anteater collector and loves Magic:… Read more »

Keith Wilcox: Blogger, Businessman, Father Extraordinaire

Below is an opinion piece that I solicited from a total stranger.  I paid him $5 using a service called Fiverr asking him to write a quick bio.  Below is what I got. Pretty cool, huh?   Keith Wilcox is living a life many parents can only dream of. After… Read more »

How to get stuff done.

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Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to manage your very first project. You’ve demonstrated that you’re a good worker bee— you can make campaigns, prepare reports, and do whatever else you’ve been assigned. But managing a project is a completely different matter. Now, instead of dutifully doing what you’re told, you have… Read more »

The best $5 I ever spent

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I met this fellow Jason Stephens on  He did a killer impersonation of Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken, which you can listen to here. Yes, I got this for only $5. And, no, this is not a paid endorsement.  I was so thrilled working with him that I wrote… Read more »

Five Magic Words to Grow Your Online Marketing Agency

You don’t want or need to have every potential deal that’s out there. Be choosy. Would you rather have 40 clients that each pay you $1k a month in fees or 4 clients that each pay you $10k a month?

Are you running afoul of Facebook contest rules?

On November 4th, 2009, the new Facebook promotional guidelines took effect with little notice.  Whether you’re selling Maggianos or marijuana, the rules have a major impact on you and are strict.  For example: You can’t require the user to post, friend, or comment as part of being entered into your… Read more »

Your great idea for a web start-up

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I get pitched a ton of ideas and most of them are pretty good. No doubt, it’s a GREAT idea! Odds are that it might not be truly unique, as is typical in web entrepreneurship. However, the winner in the space is the first to properly execute. No experience founding… Read more »

$100 million for Yahoo’s new ad campaign– it’s about YOU!

3 months ago Microsoft spent $100 million to launch BING search.  And now Yahoo! has followed suit, spending another $100 million for their own branding campaign.  All the while Google and Facebook are laughing at the big company mentality for marketing– to spend money on traditional advertising. If your search… Read more »

Want to be a well-known affiliate blogger? My interview with Murray Newlands

I was able to catch up Murray Newlands, a famous blogger. We were able to have nice about his work in affiliate marketing, and the secret behind site,, an affiliate blog that came from nowhere and is now everywhere in Google and twitter. Not only has he some great… Read more »

The Twitter and Facebook Highway

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You may have heard the phrase “Kill two birds with one stone”, regarding taking one action to produce two results. Twitter and Facebook have teamed up to create a highway directly to one another, allowing users to update one status and be published to both sites. Most people are aware… Read more »

Social Media is a Lie We Perpetuate

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I started and completed a 260 page book in my 4 hour flight between Washington DC and Phoenix today.  It’s Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  I average a page a minute for light content—half a page per minute for dense, textbook-like content.  The lie is explained later… Read more »

Who says twitter is a waste of time?

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A few days ago, I posted a Facebook status message, asking “Who wants a free SEO analysis?” 23 people responded and I chose one winner. Yesterday, I chose the winner and posted the analysis here.  And now, not even a day later, I do a search on Twitter and see… Read more »

Facebook Post Quality Score

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This morning, Shoemoney put up a guest post by me covering Facebook Quality Score. Because we manage a few dozen fan pages, as large as a quarter million fans, I wanted to lend insight into what the metric is and what it may mean to advertisers and affiliates in the… Read more »