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Target Facebook users on their birthdays!

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Facebook keeps releasing new features to their self-serve PPC platform. It feels like Google from 2003– are you keeping up? Did you see that you can target people on their birthdays, in addition to your existing fans, as well as being able to select multiple countries? If you’re selling gifts… Read more »

“Get Found” on Facebook

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Remember a few weeks ago when Facebook allowed everyone to grab their own vanity url? Now they’ve just opened up the ability for you to choose a name for your pages, too.  You just need 100 fans to be eligible.  Just like you’d see in the domain grabbing world, the… Read more »

Famous or Infamous? Shoemoney and strip clubs

A couple weeks ago, Jeremy Shoemoneycame to visit BlitzMetrics and we headed to a Denver strip club with Scott Richter and other folks in tow.  Here’s the shot we took outside the club which you can also see in today’s post.  Tell me, is that a good or a… Read more »

Hooked on Phonics– errr… I mean profits

Do a search for “hooked on phonics” and you’ll see 869,000 results on Google.  If you’re an affiliate pushing this program, you know how much it costs per click on paid search, plus what the payouts are if you promote via Commission Junction or (if you’re not in certain… Read more »

How to ensure your resume goes immediately in the trash

We get several unsolicited resumes a day. Most go straight into the round file (the trash). I got one today that was so bad that I just had to blog about it, as it has all the classic no-hire reasons: serves as interface between executive management and engineering resume has… Read more »

The secret to being liked

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There was once a study where psychologists shown subjects a series of pictures, asking them to rate how attractive the people in the pictures were. Unknown to the subjects, they sometimes saw two of the same person– the difference being that one picture would be digitally manipulated to increase pupil… Read more »

Confessions of an Affiliate Marketer

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I have to admit– the restaurants, hotel suites, and first class flights are nice.  It’s even nicer to be able to tell folks about it, since you’re getting twice the benefit (enjoying plus telling).  Is there anything wrong with wanting to enjoy the good life?  Does that make me evil… Read more »

When people take Facebook too seriously….

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Today I received two “urgent” messages from a Facebook user named Brian Zisk. They are both similar in content and tone, so I’ll just post one of them below.   There is a game on Facebook called “Friends For Sale“.  You buy and sell friends, and in the process are able… Read more »