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Made with 100% Real PPC (How to make EASY money as a SEO consultant)

I was at McDonalds recently and noticed the writing on the bag: “Made with 100% Real Beef.” And then something to the effect of “And with a number like that, you can’t get any better.” Reminds of the breakfast cereals that are made “with” 100% real honey— meaning that they… Read more »

Google Analytics can predict the future

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My best friend is a stay at home dad. Last Halloween, he blogged about funny pumpkin carvings and quickly started ranking on that term.  His traffic went from a few dozen visits a day in late October to a couple thousand daily uniques right at Halloween.  It’s now one year… Read more »

Ranking in Google News is easy– even for competitive terms

What’s the secret?  Just submit to about 20 free press release sites.  If you want to pay for PR Wire or PR Web, that’s fine.  Might save you some time. While it’s great to be able to rank for Facebook advertising and local online marketing, the truth is that these… Read more »

4 steps to make a KILLER Infographic and drive natural inbound links

Gather some interesting statistics and then make a chart out of it– and you’ve got yourself an Infographic.  Examples are showing a map of the world and income for each country displayed by green bars.  Or perhaps it’s the price of gasoline over the last 2 years graphed against milk… Read more »

Doing cosmetic surgery on a cosmetic surgeon– what we learned in 2009

Tonight, I had dinner with Dr. David Verebelyi, Chief of Laser Surgery for the Colorado Center for PhotoMedicine.  They do liposuction in Denver, laser hair removal, and other laser-based skin procedures.  We’re doing cosmetic surgery on his website– not his face or butt!  We’ve celebrated one year with Dr. Verebelyi… Read more »

Blogging is as Simple as Pulling your Head out of your Ass

Okay, I admit it.  Some of the details can be a little challenging.  I still have to look up a bunch of HTML that I’m sure other bloggers know by heart.  I don’t know exactly how Google PR works, and I’ll be damned if Alexa rankings make any sense to… Read more »

Blogging tips: Let Google tell you what topics to write about

(in other words, how to NOT have a blog that gets no traffic) Every few days I go into Google Analytics to see what’s driving traffic to my site.  If there’s a sharp spike, it’s usually because of a guest blog post or speaking at a conference.  If it’s a… Read more »

Friends don’t let friends make paper airplanes

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If you’ve got 6 minutes and 31 seconds, give this a shot from my friend Alex, who has the most popular paper airplanes site on the web.  If you’re one of those folks who likes to watch cooking shows, but doesn’t actually get around to following along– don’t worry, you… Read more »