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Eyewitness account of dog attack

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Participants: Logan Young: victim #1 Dennis Yu: victim #2 Joe Merkel: witness Geoff Bartlett: attack dog owner   Regarding the dog attack from my point of view (Joe Merkel): I was on the laptop, on the couch. Suddenly, Logan’s leaving. I just barking and growling, all that. I look over;… Read more »

How to scale up your agency: a fresh approach

A colleague and I were discussing “leadership” and what that truly meant.  We came up with this analogy, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Imagine you move rocks for a living.  The more rocks you move, the more you’re paid.  You don’t move rocks, you don’t get paid.  Thus, you understand… Read more »

Southwest Airlines- A Rapid Rewards Junkie Confesses

Southwest is my airline of choice in the United States because it rewards thos who game the system.  Every seat is first class, so they’ll tell you, but really there is only one per plane located next to the over-wing exits. The row ahead has no seat ahead of you…. Read more »

How to get stuff done.

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Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to manage your very first project. You’ve demonstrated that you’re a good worker bee— you can make campaigns, prepare reports, and do whatever else you’ve been assigned. But managing a project is a completely different matter. Now, instead of dutifully doing what you’re told, you have… Read more »

Rocky Mountain Racquet Killer: Why Next Day Racquets is crushing Boulder tennis

Boulder Tennis Restringing

You ever been to one of those gas stations along the highway– the one that can charge $7 a gallon because the nearest gas is 40 miles away?  They can charge whatever they want. Until recently, there was no other place in Boulder for stringing tennis racquets. 22 year old… Read more »

The most underrated quality in entrepreneurship

It’s about 5 am and I’m on my way to the airport again.  If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you know it’s a difficult and lonely road that usually ends in failure. If you are not a start-up or business owner, you can safely ignore the rest of this article…. Read more »

Reflections on the FTC Social Networking Privacy Roundtable

Yesterday, I had the honor of being part of the Privacy Roundtable put on by the Federal Trade Commission, held at the University of California at Berkeley.  The other 6 panelists were Chris Conley from the ACLU, Tim Sparapani of Facebook, Nicole Wong of Google, Erika Rottenberg of LinkedIn, Lillie… Read more »

Your great idea for a web start-up

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I get pitched a ton of ideas and most of them are pretty good. No doubt, it’s a GREAT idea! Odds are that it might not be truly unique, as is typical in web entrepreneurship. However, the winner in the space is the first to properly execute. No experience founding… Read more »

The most common way to fail

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I’m not talking acai, crush, or consumer scams. This post is about how to avoid the most common form of business failure. The moral of the story- “In God we trust… All others pay cash.” A designer I know is a nice fellow. Great design skills, great intentions. Yet we… Read more »

Forget the mommyblogger movement– here come the daddybloggers!

Keith Wilcox is a stay-at-home dad blogging about his two kids and family life– providing a distinctly male perspective and quite outspoken.  Some examples: four exercises that will make you a better parent, busting your child out of a locked car, why talking to your kid in baby talk just… Read more »

The shame! Even DEAD people get ripped off

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If you’re squeamish, don’t read this– I warned you! BlitzMetrics has two clients that deal with dying– one that sells discounted caskets, one that provides free funeral advice (a servicemagic for funerals).  Now to be an effective marketer, you have to really understand what your client does and get into… Read more »

New Years resolutions that don’t fail– and your way out

How about making a resolution to not make any more resolutions? Seriously, when you example instances of when people fail versus succeed, a few key traits stand out. I’ll explain at the end of the article– but first… I read a study where patients were told by their doctors that… Read more »

Confessions of an Affiliate Marketer

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I have to admit– the restaurants, hotel suites, and first class flights are nice.  It’s even nicer to be able to tell folks about it, since you’re getting twice the benefit (enjoying plus telling).  Is there anything wrong with wanting to enjoy the good life?  Does that make me evil… Read more »

Larby Amirouche knows how to travel

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Have you heard of Larby Amirouche?  He knows all about how to travel, as he’s a busy man.  Becoming skilled at navigating airports, hotel programs, and all manners of transportation is no easy feat.  But should you need travel tips, this is one guy to talk to– as he knows… Read more »

When people take Facebook too seriously….

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Today I received two “urgent” messages from a Facebook user named Brian Zisk. They are both similar in content and tone, so I’ll just post one of them below.   There is a game on Facebook called “Friends For Sale“.  You buy and sell friends, and in the process are able… Read more »