Elevate your career with these 3 types of business relationships

EMPLOYEE: Hired hand, lowest value, does what they’re told, low loyalty, easy to scale, pay for continued results.

PARTNER: Higher skill level, Shared mission, medium commitment, must negotiate, potentially high impact.

MENTOR: highest skill level, no cost because they believe in you, greatest impact.

Use the right relationship type for the right situation:

*** If you need EFFICIENCY, hire employees. Checklists drive repeatable excellence. Get out of working in your business, so you can work on your business.

*** If you need SCALE– to multiply business results, find a partner. They will give you distribution and authority.

*** If you need DIRECTION, get a MENTOR first. Do this before you hire employees or find partners. Direction is more important than speed. Wise counsel ensures you have a solid strategy.

All three types require that you establish clear, mutual benefit.

Do you have the right mix of employees, partners, and mentors?

Do you need help in any of these areas to drive efficiency, scale, or direction?



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