Famous or Infamous? Shoemoney and strip clubs

img_0975A couple weeks ago, Jeremy Shoemoneycame to visit BlitzMetrics and we headed to a Denver strip club with Scott Richter and other folks in tow.  Here’s the shot we took outside the club which you can also see in today’s shoemoney.com post.  Tell me, is that a good or a bad thing to be seen outside a strip club, even though we’re there to play the awesome beer pong, for which they have tournaments on Tuesday and Thursday nights?

Will this help or hurt our image with our Fortune 500 clients or professional service firms looking for small business advertising or social ad serving on Facebook?



9 thoughts on “Famous or Infamous? Shoemoney and strip clubs

  1. AcaiX3

    It would definitely hurt your image if you are trying to draw professional or family oriented clients. Could help with the male college demographic though.

  2. Andy Corp

    I don’t believe what you gain would be worth what you would lose.
    It would give you some points for being real to some business owners who just want to deal with “one of the guys”,
    but I believe it would kill you with some others who don’t want to deal with “those kind of people”. So in the end you lose more than you gain.

  3. Jonathan Volk

    IMO, hurt. While some companies might not care, it all comes down to association. Some companies might not want people to know they associate with that.

    Either way…

  4. Ed Hunt

    I notice that shoemoney.com comes up third in a Google search when “Marcia Brazil” is entered. Not sure about the propriety (or not) for the business, but the SEO seems to be working just fine!

  5. Keith

    That question is comical. Of course it will hurt your image. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose. Maybe you’ve been in “it” too long and you don’t see so clearly anymore.

  6. Jay

    Maybe it’s because this is a “take” post instead of a “give” post, but I think overall the topic devalues your blog, and any potential damage the photo may have caused was immediately realized a few fold by you making the post. I would have never seen it if it wasn’t posted here.

    I wouldn’t send anyone to your blog to grease a sales deal right now, but I can appreciate you requesting our input to solve things that are on your mind.

    Keep up the good work on the blog. I like the new look.

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