Forget the mommyblogger movement– here come the daddybloggers!

2006_april_14_dad_nate_computerKeith Wilcox is a stay-at-home dad blogging about his two kids and family life– providing a distinctly male perspective and quite outspoken.  Some examples: four exercises that will make you a better parent, busting your child out of a locked car, why talking to your kid in baby talk just infantilizes them, what to do with too many toys, and being a revolutionary parent.

There are tie-in’s to general psychology.  For instance, lavish praise doesn’t spoil a child. Studies show that the childhoods of successful leaders are absurdly full of encouragement– you just can’t encourage them too much, odd as that may seem.


For a list of top daddy bloggers on the web– check out this comprehensive list of 115 sites.

July 20, 2009:



5 thoughts on “Forget the mommyblogger movement– here come the daddybloggers!

  1. NBA Finals

    I think the mommy bloggers cannot be overtaken in popularity when men try to blog about traditional mother topics. Women will continue to seek women blogging on certain topics.

  2. Bob

    NBA Finals,

    Everyday, there are men who join the ranks of “Stay At Home Dads.” I think you totally underestimate and misunderstand the purpose of this blog, it’s not about competition. Keith is a hero when it comes to SAHDs, his insight is valuable and he’s got the experience to back up what he says. Nice comment, though you are overlooking the intent of this blog.

  3. Keith

    NBA finals, my blog is not directed at dads or at moms. My blog is directed at parents. I think the more people read opinions like mine (whether they be from men or from women) they will see that it is not gender specific and can appreciate a different perspective. You are probably right that women will naturally seek advice from other women. But I would like to see if I can crack the perception of dads being aloof and inattentive. I would like to contribute to the sense that parenting is parenting without regard to gender. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

  4. Deb

    I read his blogs whenever I get the chance – thanks for telling me about it , Dennis. He is hilarious at times but really just keeps it real. I didn’t choose to homeschool, but I might have since his technique seems so fun.

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