Google provides self-serve display advertising

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google-logo Google placed in beta yesterday a new service to create free display ads.  This is a cleaner implementation, in my opinion to what Yahoo and AdReady have with MyAds.  Slowly, Google is moving from text-based to true self-serve advertising.  This is going to put a lot of low-value designers out of business.  This service allows you to fill out a form with text and then be able to customize colors and effects, plus upload an image.  It automatically creates banners in a variey of sizes, saving you time and effort.

So now you can count on Google for your local advertising needs– plus get free analytics tools, email services, and other items– all free.  Now all they need to do is provide a local listings tool that submits to all the directories to round out the whole package.



2 thoughts on “Google provides self-serve display advertising

  1. Ryan Eagle

    Being an early pioneer with MyAds, you can see an abundance of poor graphic design work everywhere you look. At this point, it seems to be a gold rush so affiliate marketers are popping out the quickest designs possible to hit trends early.

    For example, as the popular diet niche developed, you could see a noticeable change in advertising. The designers had time to catch up and make new banners for the advertising. In the long run, the better designed ads will take presidence over the poorly early designs.

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