I am still waiting for your reply

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Thus saidĀ friend.seocompany@gmail.com, who wants me to post their blog in exchange for a token payment.
Apparently, I didn’t respond to them within 2 minutes, so they had to follow up.

So I was curious what sort of spam they engage in.
Googling that email address (you should use your domain, not a freemail address, by the way, if you want to be treated seriously), we find:


Looks like “Anna” is buying and selling links on her site:


And doing this with a lot of folks:


Notice the keyword stuffing in the blog sections and tags.

Anyone who has to cold-call to drive business doesn’t have enough to keep them busy.
It means they can’t keep clients or care more about growth than quality.

Be an inbound marketer, not a desperate pitchman.

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One thought on “I am still waiting for your reply

  1. Alisa

    ?? 3:40 pmgilda ??????:salam man 2sale ba yeki daustm ghararemun ham ezdevajeama hala ke ishun sharayetesho dare mige ke mitarse ezdevaj koneaz masooliateshmitarseaz yetaraf kheili dusesh daram az ye taraf vaghan nemiudnam bayad chikar konam

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