Cold caller follows up incessantly on me, so I follow up on him

This sales guy cold blasted me 6 times, asking if I was interested in his services. On his most recent follow up, I decided that I would follow up with him to ask if he could unsubscribe me. Then I set a 7 day boomerang (one of my favorite services)… Read more »

Bad business decisions from good statistics

I charge a premium for consulting.   Clients pay for your years of experience, not how many minutes you spent on an issue. If you were to compare a jet aircraft versus a Greyhound bus, you might conclude the cross-country trip of 3 days and 2 hours (74 hours) is… Read more »

Southwest LOVES Me! Confessions of a mileage junkie

I rebooked a flight that costs 99 cents more and they swallowed the cost. Of course, they love you, too– and you’d get this if the rebooked fare is close. I’ve seen the “Southwest Fare Protection” as high as $2.70. As far as I can tell (and from forums like… Read more »

My new secret office

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I flew 250,000 miles last year. My location on Twitter is “the airport nearest you”. So I signed up for an American Airlines Admiral’s Club membership. $500 for one year of access to any of the Admirals Clubs worldwide, about 50 in the US and 20 international. You can bring… Read more »

Why most people make only $12.48 an hour: Do you want ROI with that?

Restaurant pay is up 3% the year, according to the Labor Department, outpacing the 2% growth in wages in the private sector over the last 5 year. Food service workers made an average of $12.48 per hour in 2014, including tips. Does that seem like a lot or a little to… Read more »

Cold calling sellers are the modern digital purse snatchers

Some people call it consultative selling– to add value via your expertise, as opposed to regurgitating what anyone can find online already in your marketing materials. But it’s more than that. You have to be a committed ambassador of the thing you stand for. It’s that passion that causes people… Read more »

Don’t Mistake Genius with Hard Work

I might have told you that I once went to a MENSA meeting just to find out what geniuses are like. I was expecting to be blown away with sheer intellect from geeks wanting to chatter about the latest in math or technology.  What would you expect to find at… Read more »

Microsoft is not going to be SkyNet any time soon

You see their new site, They guess at age and gender from any photos you upload. Of course, you could integrate this with your app and any device that has a camera. Could you imagine Minority Report coming from this any time soon? We’re quite a ways from predicting… Read more »

The lead gen tactic that we all despise

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We can forgive the innocent B2B marketer with spamming their lists. Euphemistically, we call it “blasting”– doesn’t sound like fun on the receiving end, does it? And we can even forgive the aggressive conference badge scanner or telemarketer. Remind me to never let exhibitors scan my badge either– since the… Read more »

Twitter shoots itself in the foot by cutting off Datasift access

Last week, Twitter announced they’re cutting off API access to providers like Datasift, forcing everyone to go through GNIP, the data reseller service they purchased. Full disclosure, we were a customer of GNIP (not Datasift), and were forced to pay between $5,000 to $20,000 per month for access to Twitter… Read more »

Fraud in the name of God

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The Wall Street Journal published an article of how some authors get on best seller lists by pre-buying books. One of the main perpetrators is ResultSource in San Diego, who has a cozy clientele of megapastors and the religious right. Tyndale, Crossway, Harper Collins Christian, and the other large Christian publishers have regularly used… Read more »

Only 44% of American adults have a good job

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Our government say the unemployment rate is only 5.6%, but it’s a “big lie” according to Joe Clifton, CEO of Gallup. Gallup is a measurement and polling company, so if anyone knows how to manipulate numbers, they would. We’ve talked about the slave economy, where people have micro-jobs, but are still… Read more »

Why paying for content is like paying for sex

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They’re doing it for the money, not true love. The quality is never as good. You’re dealing with people you don’t really know or like. The best things in life are free. Are you looking for a long-term relationship or a moment of passion? Content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, marketing… Read more »

Cold-hearted people cannot be effective content marketers.

10 years ago, I bled purple. On the Yahoo! campus, we had purple couches, purple cows, and even purple sprinkler heads. We had a Yahoo! running team and a Yahoo! cycling team, thanks to the generous support of my friend David Filo, who at the time was the richest man… Read more »

Google’s search share went from 79% to 75%– why that doesn’t matter

So much quibbling among the SEOs of how Bing is stealing traffic from Google or how Yahoo! isn’t what it once was. Ten years ago, I worked at Yahoo!. And while I’d be tempted to chime in on this tempest in a teapot, they’re missing the point. People are increasingly… Read more »

How to scale up your agency: a fresh approach

A colleague and I were discussing “leadership” and what that truly meant.  We came up with this analogy, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Imagine you move rocks for a living.  The more rocks you move, the more you’re paid.  You don’t move rocks, you don’t get paid.  Thus, you understand… Read more »

Competition is for losers

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In his new book “Zero to One” and in this awesome Stanford startup lecture, Peter Thiel talks about how companies need to differentiate such that you have no competitors. That sounds ridiculous, if you’re a consultant, since there are so many other consultants out there beating their chests, all saying they’re… Read more »

As an entrepreneur, you face the most concentrated of unspoken evils.

Yes, you’re busy. But go watch this video right now, anyway: It’s 48 minutes of encouragement and perspective for entrepreneurs with Elon Musk. If you’re still reading this, go back and at least watch from 34 minutes onward. As an entrepreneur, every problem in the company is brought to you,… Read more »