Sadness… No more “always on” Facebook ads

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This was our favorite ad type, especially for the busy marketer that doesn’t have time to set up ads against every single post.

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So now the world of Facebook advertising becomes just a little bit harder.
No more set it and forget it.

The good news is that you won’t have to deal with mass disapprovals.
When you mention “Facebook” in your post or violate the 20% text rule, all your “always on” ads get disapproved.

We believe that Facebook will suffer a revenue hit in the short run by taking away this feature, since having to boost each piece of content manually is a chore.
Most will forget to do this.

But with smarter targeting options available in the “boost post” feature, to be able to run ads straight from the timeline, ad creation won’t be quite as painful.
You will have to now schedule time each week, if not more often, to promote posts.

Maybe the tool providers will jump in where Facebook left an opening.

It was good while it lasted, just like the search ads (promoted results) and the soon-to-die separate sponsored stories.

Friends, what do you think?

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