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Starting from how much money you want to make is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard

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I won’t name him, but a well-known marketer said that the way you should evaluate what business to go into should be based on an exercise that goes like this: If you want to make $150,000 per year, then find something you can sell for $1,000 every other day. 150… Read more »

Why paying for content is like paying for sex

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They’re doing it for the money, not true love. The quality is never as good. You’re dealing with people you don’t really know or like. The best things in life are free. Are you looking for a long-term relationship or a moment of passion? Content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, marketing… Read more »

I stand corrected: BOOST works if….

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IF your expectations are to drive engagement, not immediate conversions. IF it’s part of a strategy that includes all 3 parts of the funnel. IF you select particular interests, as opposed to the default of fans and friends of fans. IF you have a product or service that is shareable… Read more »

When to use and NOT use Partner Categories in one slide

Since Partner Category data (available as targeting in Power Editor only) is based on offline data, you can expect the impact to be offline, as well. If you’re new to Facebook ads, Partner Category data comes from three data providers that match credit card, shopping, motor vehicle registration, and other… Read more »

A Mobile Phone Retailer Dials in Their Facebook Engagement

Tony Baker is Co-Founder at Phone Doctors, which sells accessories via 6 stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They fixed my business partner‘s iPad not once, but twice, for a cracked screen. Those golf carts seats are slippery, especially when you leave your device on the seat and didn’t use a protective… Read more »

Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers — How to Get Started

This is a guest post by Alex Houg Michael Houg is a Minneapolis mortgage broker. He’s my dad, too. That’s me in the middle. We play soccer together. And here is his Facebook ads account. This is a Facebook business page that I set up for him. It’s not his personal… Read more »

The 3 campaign system for your Facebook funnel, how it operates

Don’t know how to organize your ads into proper campaigns or find yourself boosting posts sporadically with uneven results? Or wanting to generate leads and sales, but not getting conversions on Facebook? You need to implement the 3 campaign system, layered into Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion. Word of mouth, whether… Read more »