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Starting from how much money you want to make is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard

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I won’t name him, but a well-known marketer said that the way you should evaluate what business to go into should be based on an exercise that goes like this: If you want to make $150,000 per year, then find something you can sell for $1,000 every other day. 150… Read more »

Sadness… No more “always on” Facebook ads

This was our favorite ad type, especially for the busy marketer that doesn’t have time to set up ads against every single post. So now the world of Facebook advertising becomes just a little bit harder. No more set it and forget it. The good news is that you won’t… Read more »

$88 to reach 360 people?

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That works out to a $240 CPM, which, if true, would be double what we’d pay on LinkedIn. Good news below… However, that’s not what will actually happen, since Facebook’s estimator for boosted posts is not accurate when you add additional budget to a post that has already been boosted…. Read more »

Dennis Yu is an interest target for boosted posts!

You know my new-found love for boosted posts. One of my complaints has been that core audience targeting hasn’t been available in this streamlined interface. There are fewer options. And even within the interest targeting, options you’d find in precise targets aren’t here. For example, you can select Infusionsoft in… Read more »

I stand corrected: BOOST works if….

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IF your expectations are to drive engagement, not immediate conversions. IF it’s part of a strategy that includes all 3 parts of the funnel. IF you select particular interests, as opposed to the default of fans and friends of fans. IF you have a product or service that is shareable… Read more »