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A Mobile Phone Retailer Dials in Their Facebook Engagement

Tony Baker is Co-Founder at Phone Doctors, which sells accessories via 6 stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They fixed my business partner‘s iPad not once, but twice, for a cracked screen. Those golf carts seats are slippery, especially when you leave your device on the seat and didn’t use a protective… Read more »

Why I create new accounts for all of our Facebook ad clients

You may remember a couple years ago when we were limited to having access to 25 ad accounts per user profile. Now we have several profiles that have up to 100 ad accounts each. That’s a few hundred accounts in total. If you’re a consultant or ad agency, should you… Read more »

A 3 minute fix to setting up a new Facebook ads account

Daunting. An empty campaign screen with no ads. A writer staring at the blank sheet of paper. Ever feel the psychological weight of getting motivated to take the first step? Use whatever gets you to take action. My colleague, Dennis, told me his trick to getting in a workout when… Read more »

How to streamline your campaign organization

Direct marketers are all too eager to drive immediate conversion. This leads to silly behavior which frustrates them (hey, Facebook doesn’t convert), while aggravating users. The key is to balance your audience building, engagement, and conversion efforts. You should group your ads into these 3 campaigns. If you don’t, your… Read more »