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I am still waiting for your reply

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Thus said friend.seocompany@gmail.com, who wants me to post their blog in exchange for a token payment. Apparently, I didn’t respond to them within 2 minutes, so they had to follow up. So I was curious what sort of spam they engage in. Googling that email address (you should use your domain,… Read more »

Cold calling sellers are the modern digital purse snatchers

Some people call it consultative selling– to add value via your expertise, as opposed to regurgitating what anyone can find online already in your marketing materials. But it’s more than that. You have to be a committed ambassador of the thing you stand for. It’s that passion that causes people… Read more »

The lead gen tactic that we all despise

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We can forgive the innocent B2B marketer with spamming their lists. Euphemistically, we call it “blasting”– doesn’t sound like fun on the receiving end, does it? And we can even forgive the aggressive conference badge scanner or telemarketer. Remind me to never let exhibitors scan my badge either– since the… Read more »

I know your dirty little secret

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Ha!  I made you look, didn’t I?   The key to a great piece of content is the subject line.   Doesn’t matter if it’s email, a Facebook post, AdWords copy, blog post, or postcard delivered by the Post Office.   If you don’t catch their attention right off the… Read more »