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What converts best: Facebook or LinkedIn? Here are the results…

Interestingly, Facebook mobile converts slightly better than desktop newsfeed, but it depends on the product you’re selling, the content you’re promoting, and how much you’re asking for on the landing page. The right-hand side ads fared poorly here, but delivered the most clicks and the highest share of new visitors. Of course, new… Read more »

The most expensive ad on Facebook ever?

Check this out– $39.68 on 390 impressions. That works out to $107.60 CPM (cost per thousand impressions). For the math people out there, that is 10 cents per IMPRESSION, not per click. Fortunately, I got 7 clicks, so it works out to less than $6 a click. Is that too… Read more »

Whoops, Facebook thinks we’re a dating site!

Here’s the post: You can go read it here for tips on how to give a killer presentation and how to network at conferences. And then we got this disapproval: It’s easy to mock Facebook when they get it wrong. Maybe their algorithm detected two people in the photo and… Read more »

How do I tell if my Facebook ad is working or not?

Do I let it run for a certain number of days? Or perhaps wait until it gets a certain number of clicks and impressions? How do I know when to turn off an ad or create a similar ad? What’s the simple answer for those who are not math geeks?… Read more »

Small Business Tells All– How He Achieved 1081 Percent Growth on Facebook

Hello Dennis, After following the instructions for Dennis’ AppSumo video, I was able to build a following of 3,775 fans of my FB page (from 300). That’s good news. When I post a link to a new page of my webcomic or something, my “Feedback” percentage tends to be in… Read more »