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What happened when I boosted a Facebook post for $976.06

This is our 21 year old CEO, keynoting in front of a couple thousand people. Pretty impressive, right? But these moments mean nothing unless you boost them on Facebook. Here are the most recent posts– and you can see that the ones not boosted don’t get very far: Now I… Read more »

New RHS ads on Facebook increase CTR 300%

The lowly RHS (Right Hand Side) ads, relegated to equally lowly CTRs, is revamped. It uses the same aspect ratio as newsfeed ads, so you can reuse your creatives. Should Facebook marketers rejoice? If you’re bidding on oCPM, then probably not, since Facebook will already balance placement selection for you…. Read more »

Facebook’s ad groups/sets– how to best use them

Google PPC pros have long-awaited this. First off, relax! You don’t need to do anything with your existing campaigns. Each of your ads lives in their own ad set (or ad group, as most people call them). Budgeting and end dates are at the ad group level. So now you… Read more »

Whoops, I forgot that you can’t promote a Google+ url on Facebook

The Infusionsoft and Blitz folks are doing a Google hangout tomorrow. So naturally, we promoted it to fans of Blitz and Infusionsoft. Well, we tried to. I forgot that you can’t promote G+ on Facebook, in the same way that you can’t mention Facebook in your ad. Ironically, you can… Read more »

When to use and NOT use Partner Categories in one slide

Since Partner Category data (available as targeting in Power Editor only) is based on offline data, you can expect the impact to be offline, as well. If you’re new to Facebook ads, Partner Category data comes from three data providers that match credit card, shopping, motor vehicle registration, and other… Read more »

And then there were nine..

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Nine ad types on Facebook, that is. Used to be 29 last summer and cut down to just 15 in January. A definitive guide by Dennis Yu on how to use these 15 ad types here on SocialFresh. But now that sponsored stories as standalone ad units are getting cut… Read more »

$500 for 60 minutes of your time? Why analytics are key to selling ads

Every week, a couple hedge funds ask me to project Facebook’s revenue curve and outline what factors are affecting it. They want to know whether sponsored stories are gaining traction, why big brands are spend only sporadically on ads, and what the holes are in the ads product. I charge… Read more »

What does a good Facebook engagement campaign look like?

We have covered how the always-on page post ad is the workhorse of your Facebook ad campaigns. But it’s not enough to have just this one ad. You want to reach the newsfeeds of folks who aren’t fans yet, but should be. So clone this ad (“create similar ad”) to… Read more »

How Facebook and Google work together

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Remember the “Great Taste, Less Filling” ads from Miller Lite? Today, people argue about whether Facebook or Google is better. But the reality is that they work together, like peanut butter and jelly, Laurel and Hardy, an engine and transmission for your car, and so forth. Use Facebook primarily to… Read more »

The Mechanics of Facebook Ad Budgeting

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How much should you spend on Facebook ads? Then how should you allocate budget between campaigns, and then within the ads for each campaign? Let’s walk through the strategy behind effective budgeting, then tactically how you implement it. We start by understanding Facebook’s point of view. Facebook wants to maximize… Read more »

Why “Killer Facebook Ads” by Marty Weintraub is a MUST-Read

If you’ve ever heard Marty speak—a whirlwind of energy—then you can appreciate that reading his book on Killer Facebook Ads is like having him sitting next to you, explaining exactly how you would create ads for your particular situation. 200 pages of Marty—enough to make your mind explode with ideas!… Read more »

Omniture says 0% of BlitzMetrics’s traffic is from Facebook

  Well, this unsolicited letter from Omniture (now part of Adobe)  had me scratching my head, since our company specializes in driving Facebook traffic.  Do a Google search on facebook advertising and see where we rank. Also, we have 4,920 fans on Facebook vs Omniture’s 3,410. What is presumptuous about… Read more »

Facebook Post Quality Score

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This morning, Shoemoney put up a guest post by me covering Facebook Quality Score. Because we manage a few dozen fan pages, as large as a quarter million fans, I wanted to lend insight into what the metric is and what it may mean to advertisers and affiliates in the… Read more »

Raining money from the sky

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Golf-ball sized hail is coming down right now in Boulder– our yard looks like a driving range littered with hail chunks. As an internet marketer, instead of hearing hail pelting our windows, I hear clicks from people typing in “Denver hail damage”, as they need new roofs and car repairs…. Read more »

Yodle gets $10MM in Series C Funding

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I first heard of Yodle about 4 years ago, back when it was called NatPal, by Nathaniel Stevens out of UPenn, a friend of Brad Twohig, who is our joint friend.  Since then, I’ve seen the company grow from a few dozen clients to a reported 5,000, bring in a… Read more »