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Would you recommend this on Facebook?

I most certainly would! It seems that Facebook is in the reviews game with their questions about your favorite places and apps.  Is Facebook the sleeper that will kill off Yelp and other review sites?  If past history is any indicator, they are the king at amassing user generated content.  

The 3 types of Facebook traffic– what is best?

My apologies in advance for the math here– I’ll keep it to a minimum to explain the points. Below is a Google Analytics screenshot from a funeral planning site.  Facebook traffic represents sources 4, 5, and 8. 4) apps.facebook.com: This is self-serve PPC traffic from ads that show up on… Read more »

When people take Facebook too seriously….

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Today I received two “urgent” messages from a Facebook user named Brian Zisk. They are both similar in content and tone, so I’ll just post one of them below.   There is a game on Facebook called “Friends For Sale“.  You buy and sell friends, and in the process are able… Read more »