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3,815,7771 travelers can’t be wrong! The best targeting platform in the world

Are you excited about the new unified interest targeting in Facebook ads? We can now target people who are currently traveling.  How does Facebook know? They look at your activity by check-ins and current location, which includes mobile. What’s awesomely scary is how Facebook has been tying together what’s in your profile… Read more »

Facebook knows who your best friends are and what you did last night

You can do some crazy data mining on your competitors and your own page right now. And you may have noticed that Facebook can make recommendations based on what you might like. Not everyone gets the same recommendations, since the search results are sorted by where you live, what your… Read more »

What happens when you go to facebook.com/apple?

It’s her: If you were Apple, wouldn’t you go grab this? At the same time, we know that Apple isn’t officially on Facebook. And in my opinion, Apple is still the most social company on the planet. They generate sales by creating raving fans and providing tremendous support. Social media… Read more »

Will the real Facebook newsfeed algorithm please stand up?

It’s the trendy topic to either bash on Facebook for declining reach or to pretend to “crack the code” on the newsfeed. They’re often dressed in pseudo-math, like the pretend science of rapid weight loss supplements and get rich quick schemes. They neglect the realities of good nutrition, exercise, and… Read more »

Whoops, Facebook thinks we’re a dating site!

Here’s the post: You can go read it here for tips on how to give a killer presentation and how to network at conferences. And then we got this disapproval: It’s easy to mock Facebook when they get it wrong. Maybe their algorithm detected two people in the photo and… Read more »

I love LinkedIn ads, but they cost so much!

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Though the quality is slightly better than Facebook for B2B. Looks like the min CPC and CPM bids are determined dynamically by account and even down to the ad level, so the $4 min CPC mentioned previously isn’t accurate. $10 min daily budget, which is not an issue for enterprise…. Read more »

So you’re a social media consultant trying to generate leads on Facebook?

A couple days ago, this random guy called my personal cell phone to pitch his services on how he would help me become known as a marketing expert. Do you get such calls, too? He didn’t have a Facebook page himself. And when I asked him if he knew what… Read more »

How Facebook and Google work together

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Remember the “Great Taste, Less Filling” ads from Miller Lite? Today, people argue about whether Facebook or Google is better. But the reality is that they work together, like peanut butter and jelly, Laurel and Hardy, an engine and transmission for your car, and so forth. Use Facebook primarily to… Read more »

How the 300,000 EscapeArtist members can find a home on Facebook

Christine is the partner of Escape Artist International. She has over 300,000 people in her email list and wants to “clean up” their social media. Their clients want to live, work, and invest in other countries. They’ve been around 18 years and grew up from an ex-pat community that shared… Read more »

Why I create new accounts for all of our Facebook ad clients

You may remember a couple years ago when we were limited to having access to 25 ad accounts per user profile. Now we have several profiles that have up to 100 ad accounts each. That’s a few hundred accounts in total. If you’re a consultant or ad agency, should you… Read more »

A 3 minute fix to setting up a new Facebook ads account

Daunting. An empty campaign screen with no ads. A writer staring at the blank sheet of paper. Ever feel the psychological weight of getting motivated to take the first step? Use whatever gets you to take action. My colleague, Dennis, told me his trick to getting in a workout when… Read more »

Power Editor Bug: Friend of Fan Targeting Disappearing

If you’re trying to create a page post ad in Power Editor and using FOF (friend of fan) targeting to narrow down your audience, you’re perhaps frustrated this option has disppeared: Others have verified the bug. Good news is that it’s still in the regular ads manager. So that your workaround… Read more »

Silly! Facebook is like a garden, not a supermarket

Scott Rawcliffe is a fitness instructor who also coaches other fitness pros. His content is solid, posting a couple times a day with a strong mix of photos, motivational quotes, and interesting tidbits. His reach was usually under 100 people (the number of people who see his posts) and he… Read more »

How does Facebook’s suggestion algorithm work?

We promoted this post (evidenced by the “sponsored” label at the bottom) and see suggested pages beneath it.   Some people say these suggestions are paid– they’re not.     But what’s curious is how Facebook decides what to show.   Is it based on other pages that BlitzMetrics fans… Read more »

Business Insider says that Facebook is the new Yahoo! …I disagree.

Some similarities for sure in any set of companies that skyrockets to a massive user base and corresponding corporate baggage. However, I was part of the Yahoo! Data Team and can tell you that Facebook is FAR more aggressive with data than we ever were. The General Counsel of Yahoo!… Read more »

Facebook Restating Insights Data

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We’ve known that calculating reach and frequency metrics for Facebook is a tough engineering challenge, especially to do it in near real-time. While Facebook has been vague as to which metrics are affected and to what extent, our guess is that the calculations of uniques by day and post are… Read more »

Have you seen Facebook’s new action reporting for ads?

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For each ad, you can get a detailed breakdown of actions by type, separated into post-impression (24 hours), post-click (24 hours) and post-click (7 days). To get there, just click on the ad performance within the web-based ad manager, then “see full actions report.” Some of us are still accidentally… Read more »

Compliments get you everywhere

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I noticed that the Best Western hotel chain had not only more fans than any other hotel chain on Facebook, but also the highest engagement rate. So I took a snapshot from our social dashboard and tweeted it at them.  They retweeted it and also followed me back. Now let’s… Read more »

603% Growth from Sponsored Stories- What One Small Biz Learned

This is a guest blog post by Kathy Hipple of Noosphere Marketing Sada Shop increased its fan base by over 600% in just two months by launching a clever quiz and a fun contest, and adding sponsored ads to amplify their fans’ response. Here’s how we did it: Devise an engaging… Read more »