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I play video games for a living now– sorta

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Well, perhaps not traditional video games, such as Pac Man or Space Invaders– I’m talking about how every website is now incorporating game dynamics. But if you consider how Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, MerchantCircle, Twitter, Farmville, or other sites operate, according to these game dynamics you’d be hard pressed to tell me… Read more »

Unexpected ways that social media will ROCK your world

You’ve heard about the rise of Farmville on Facebook– 63 million users and growing, representing 20% of Facebook’s users, not to mention that Facebook represents 25% of pageviews in the United States. But have you considered how game dynamics are beginning to permeate your life and that of your friends’… Read more »

FarmVille = ScamVille

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It’s bad enough that there are over 60 million users (including me) wasting real time and real money growing virtual crops to earn virtual points.  A new article in TechCrunch blows the doors on an industry that is set to generate over a billion dollars in 2009 (source: Nick O’Neill… Read more »