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Facebook is so smart, they know where you are!

Facebook knows who your friends are, what you did last night, and what you might be doing a year from now. And mobile gives them an opportunity to collect more data, to even passively listen in on your songs to make sharing easier. They bought face.com a few years ago for the facial recognition… Read more »

Whoops, I forgot that you can’t promote a Google+ url on Facebook

The Infusionsoft and Blitz folks are doing a Google hangout tomorrow. So naturally, we promoted it to fans of Blitz and Infusionsoft. Well, we tried to. I forgot that you can’t promote G+ on Facebook, in the same way that you can’t mention Facebook in your ad. Ironically, you can… Read more »

Infusionsoft sent 3,177,691,143 emails in 2012

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It was almost a year ago when Clate Mask shared this stat. 3 years ago, they sent only 80 million emails, you do the math. Last year, Infusionsoft had 13,543 customers and 48,365 users. The company captured 40 million leads and processed $1.5 billion in revenue in e-commerce. I’m excited… Read more »

The hidden career of the online marketer

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Lyft and Uber disrupted the taxi business by allowing anyone with an iPhone to be a cab driver whenever they had a little extra time.   Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry by making spare bedrooms for rent.   FancyHands, odesk, taskrabbit and other personal assistant services let you be a… Read more »

Admit It – You’re Struggling as a Small Business

We pretend everything’s just fine to our fellow business owners and friends. But the truth is, we all struggle – we’re calm on the surface but paddling like mad below the water. Each week, payroll’s a gamble because you’re not always sure where the funds are coming from to pay… Read more »