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Are you running afoul of Facebook contest rules?

On November 4th, 2009, the new Facebook promotional guidelines took effect with little notice.  Whether you’re selling Maggianos or marijuana, the rules have a major impact on you and are strict.  For example: You can’t require the user to post, friend, or comment as part of being entered into your… Read more »

Want to be a well-known affiliate blogger? My interview with Murray Newlands

I was able to catch up Murray Newlands, a famous blogger. We were able to have nice about his work in affiliate marketing, and the secret behind site, Murraynewlands.com, an affiliate blog that came from nowhere and is now everywhere in Google and twitter. Not only has he some great… Read more »

Learnings from Affiliate Convention 2009– Denver

The folks at Webmaster Radio put on the first Affiliate Convention, ending just a few hours ago.  Billed as “free for affiliates”, many said that the event wouldn’t happen, wouldn’t attract high quality affiliates, and couldn’t secure a sponsor.  Even Larby Amirouche was considering whether or not he was going… Read more »

Larby Amirouche knows how to travel

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Have you heard of Larby Amirouche?  He knows all about how to travel, as he’s a busy man.  Becoming skilled at navigating airports, hotel programs, and all manners of transportation is no easy feat.  But should you need travel tips, this is one guy to talk to– as he knows… Read more »