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Google has lookalike audiences, too!

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Sorry- “Similar audiences”, an analogy to Facebook’s custom / lookalike audiences. It takes your existing remarketing list and builds it’s own audience based on similar interests. It’s compiled from people browsing the Google Display Network over the past 30 days and can be used to serve both text and image ads on… Read more »

3,815,7771 travelers can’t be wrong! The best targeting platform in the world

Are you excited about the new unified interest targeting in Facebook ads? We can now target people who are currently traveling.  How does Facebook know? They look at your activity by check-ins and current location, which includes mobile. What’s awesomely scary is how Facebook has been tying together what’s in your profile… Read more »

How does Facebook’s suggestion algorithm work?

We promoted this post (evidenced by the “sponsored” label at the bottom) and see suggested pages beneath it.   Some people say these suggestions are paid– they’re not.     But what’s curious is how Facebook decides what to show.   Is it based on other pages that BlitzMetrics fans… Read more »