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You wouldn’t believe this was me a year ago

A year ago, I had nothing– no health, no money, and a career that looked more like a homeless man’s exploits than what might pass as a functional business. I explain what that life feels like┬áhere. Ever chase money and feel like a hamster on a wheel? I was chasing… Read more »

Finally, manage multiple client Facebook ad accounts!

Google had had the MCC (My Client Center) for at least a decade, where you can request access to manage the client’s ad account like an agency. And now Facebook has it with their Business Manager! Rejoice, my agency friends, since you should be getting access soon, if you don’t… Read more »

Why I create new accounts for all of our Facebook ad clients

You may remember a couple years ago when we were limited to having access to 25 ad accounts per user profile. Now we have several profiles that have up to 100 ad accounts each. That’s a few hundred accounts in total. If you’re a consultant or ad agency, should you… Read more »