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B2B Marketers rejoice: Facebook ads now break out workplaces, job titles, industries, and office type

Did you see this today? It’s in the ads manager. You used to have just workplace targeting. But now it’s expanded into 4 categories with subcategories. Look at office type, for example. If you’re selling enterprise software, like Marketo, you’d want to choose “corporation”. But if you’re selling marketing automation… Read more »

100% CTR– is it real?

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Yes, it is. But only on super-targeted audiences. If you are targeting customers who have already bought from you, such as in these email custom audiences, then you’re shooting fish in a barrel. Most folks are lucky to get a 1% CTR on Facebook. But 20-40% is common with custom… Read more »

Facebook is putting folks like us out of a job?

Sometimes you don’t have to target at all (aka– is Facebook is putting folks like us out of a job?) You’ve heard of the benefits of micro-targeting, to go all the way down to just one person. That requires a lot of work. Building lots of ads to test combinations… Read more »

Attack of the potty mouths on Facebook– how to immunize yourself

If you’ve run a boosted post (just don’t do it) or a newsfeed ad, you’ll get this. No, it’s not Tourette’s. It’s people who don’t understand that pages can pay to show up in the newsfeed. You can snipe a single person’s newsfeed, even without their friends or your fan noticing. They will… Read more »