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What converts best: Facebook or LinkedIn? Here are the results…

Interestingly, Facebook mobile converts slightly better than desktop newsfeed, but it depends on the product you’re selling, the content you’re promoting, and how much you’re asking for on the landing page. The right-hand side ads fared poorly here, but delivered the most clicks and the highest share of new visitors. Of course, new… Read more »

New RHS ads on Facebook increase CTR 300%

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The lowly RHS (Right Hand Side) ads, relegated to equally lowly CTRs, is revamped. It uses the same aspect ratio as newsfeed ads, so you can reuse your creatives. Should Facebook marketers rejoice? If you’re bidding on oCPM, then probably not, since Facebook will already balance placement selection for you…. Read more »

Someone asked me today if they should build a mobile app on Facebook. Here’s what I said…

Facebook on mobile is fantastic– it’s about half of their traffic. But you don’t need to build a mobile app to get mobile traffic. Your page’s newsfeed is already designed to work on mobile. And your ads should work on mobile. No touch needed from you. If you do mobile… Read more »

$88 to reach 360 people?

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That works out to a $240 CPM, which, if true, would be double what we’d pay on LinkedIn. Good news below… However, that’s not what will actually happen, since Facebook’s estimator for boosted posts is not accurate when you add additional budget to a post that has already been boosted…. Read more »

Will the real Facebook newsfeed algorithm please stand up?

It’s the trendy topic to either bash on Facebook for declining reach or to pretend to “crack the code” on the newsfeed. They’re often dressed in pseudo-math, like the pretend science of rapid weight loss supplements and get rich quick schemes. They neglect the realities of good nutrition, exercise, and… Read more »

Testing Right Hand Side vs Newsfeed Ads on Facebook– Busting Myths

People have been crowing about how Facebook newsfeed ads get insane CTR and larger placement. But if you’re a performance marketer, you care about CPC and conversion rates. Jacob Sapochnick, a San Diego immigration attorney, tested newsletter signups on the right hand side and in the newsfeed. Here is what… Read more »

Immigration lawyer gets Facebook engagement for a penny

Jacob Sapochnick is the #1 lawyer on Facebook with 100,000 fans– real fans, not fake ones from the Philippines. He has 4,234 active users (PTAT) and 3,240 reviews on Facebook, too. He thanked his community for helping his firm hit 100,000 fans. And he spent $3.98 on newsfeed ads to… Read more »

Guy Kawasaki shares impact of Facebook newsfeed algo changes

A lot of folks have been complaining about reduced newsfeed reach, Magic potions won’t save them. Guy Kawasaki tests the impact of 3 posts simultaneously– text, link post, and embedded link. Notice that the reach is still better on the text-only post, by 64%. But what really counts is engagement,… Read more »

What does a good Facebook engagement campaign look like?

We have covered how the always-on page post ad is the workhorse of your Facebook ad campaigns. But it’s not enough to have just this one ad. You want to reach the newsfeeds of folks who aren’t fans yet, but should be. So clone this ad (“create similar ad”) to… Read more »

How to diagnose newsfeed burnout

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The newsfeed placements (desktop and mobile) are tricky. It’s “personal” space for Facebook users, so you wouldn’t want to burn out from a high frequency or push overtly promotional messaging. Save that for the dark posts to fans and the RHS placements. Above we have a newsfeed that that is… Read more »

Attack of the potty mouths on Facebook– how to immunize yourself

If you’ve run a boosted post (just don’t do it) or a newsfeed ad, you’ll get this. No, it’s not Tourette’s. It’s people who don’t understand that pages can pay to show up in the newsfeed. You can snipe a single person’s newsfeed, even without their friends or your fan noticing. They will… Read more »