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The ugly reason why your career is failing

Today someone reached out to me seeking a job for a friend. This “friend” doesn’t have any credentials, isn’t interested in demonstrating their expertise, and above all…doesn’t know me. Their excuse? They’re too busy to build a professional profile. If someone is looking for work, what are the odds that… Read more »

Only 44% of American adults have a good job

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Our government say the unemployment rate is only 5.6%, but it’s a “big lie” according to Joe Clifton, CEO of Gallup. Gallup is a measurement and polling company, so if anyone knows how to manipulate numbers, they would. We’ve talked about the slave economy, where people have micro-jobs, but are still… Read more »

Competition is for losers

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In his new book “Zero to One” and in this awesome Stanford startup lecture, Peter Thiel talks about how companies need to differentiate such that you have no competitors. That sounds ridiculous, if you’re a consultant, since there are so many other consultants out there beating their chests, all saying they’re… Read more »