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B2B Marketers rejoice: Facebook ads now break out workplaces, job titles, industries, and office type

Did you see this today? It’s in the ads manager. You used to have just workplace targeting. But now it’s expanded into 4 categories with subcategories. Look at office type, for example. If you’re selling enterprise software, like Marketo, you’d want to choose “corporation”. But if you’re selling marketing automation… Read more »

Facebook’s ad groups/sets– how to best use them

Google PPC pros have long-awaited this. First off, relax! You don’t need to do anything with your existing campaigns. Each of your ads lives in their own ad set (or ad group, as most people call them). Budgeting and end dates are at the ad group level. So now you… Read more »

When to use and NOT use Partner Categories in one slide

Since Partner Category data (available as targeting in Power Editor only) is based on offline data, you can expect the impact to be offline, as well. If you’re new to Facebook ads, Partner Category data comes from three data providers that match credit card, shopping, motor vehicle registration, and other… Read more »

Why I create new accounts for all of our Facebook ad clients

You may remember a couple years ago when we were limited to having access to 25 ad accounts per user profile. Now we have several profiles that have up to 100 ad accounts each. That’s a few hundred accounts in total. If you’re a consultant or ad agency, should you… Read more »

How to streamline your campaign organization

Direct marketers are all too eager to drive immediate conversion. This leads to silly behavior which frustrates them (hey, Facebook doesn’t convert), while aggravating users. The key is to balance your audience building, engagement, and conversion efforts. You should group your ads into these 3 campaigns. If you don’t, your… Read more »

Power Editor Bug: Friend of Fan Targeting Disappearing

If you’re trying to create a page post ad in Power Editor and using FOF (friend of fan) targeting to narrow down your audience, you’re perhaps frustrated this option has disppeared: Others┬áhave verified the bug. Good news is that it’s still in the regular ads manager. So that your workaround… Read more »