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Why paying for content is like paying for sex

They’re doing it for the money, not true love. The quality is never as good. You’re dealing with people you don’t really know or like. The best things in life are free. Are you looking for a long-term relationship or a moment of passion? Content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, marketing… Read more »

Whoops, I forgot that you can’t promote a Google+ url on Facebook

The Infusionsoft and Blitz folks are doing a Google hangout tomorrow. So naturally, we promoted it to fans of Blitz and Infusionsoft. Well, we tried to. I forgot that you can’t promote G+ on Facebook, in the same way that you can’t mention Facebook in your ad. Ironically, you can… Read more »

7 Ways Speakers Misbehave at a Conference

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John Chow has 8 killer tips on how to supercharge your conference productivity. But how about the stuff you absolutely shouldn’t do? Promote your stuff.  Ironically, the best way to generate business is to never tout your own stuff. Let your knowledge speak for itself and let others speak for you. Read your… Read more »

Hotwire.com: The blunder of not valuing your most important customers

This morning, after booking the next set of hotels for the upcoming week, I got an offer from Hotwire for $10 off my next booking.     I revel in working the system to my advantage, so I tried to claim it. They told my Fancy Hands assistant it was for new customers only…. Read more »

The Twitter and Facebook Highway

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You may have heard the phrase “Kill two birds with one stone”, regarding taking one action to produce two results. Twitter and Facebook have teamed up to create a highway directly to one another, allowing users to update one status and be published to both sites. Most people are aware… Read more »