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Uh oh… your twitter presence is 18 times smaller than you think!

Companies used to be able to fluff their twitter stats by counting all followers as impressions. So tweet 10 times to your 100,000 fake followers and you magically have a million impressions. Need 10 million impressions because you’re behind on your Earned Media Value forecast? Tweet 100 times or just… Read more »

Will the real Facebook newsfeed algorithm please stand up?

It’s the trendy topic to either bash on Facebook for declining reach or to pretend to “crack the code” on the newsfeed. They’re often dressed in pseudo-math, like the pretend science of rapid weight loss supplements and get rich quick schemes. They neglect the realities of good nutrition, exercise, and… Read more »

Guy Kawasaki shares impact of Facebook newsfeed algo changes

A lot of folks have been complaining about reduced newsfeed reach, Magic potions won’t save them. Guy Kawasaki tests the impact of 3 posts simultaneously– text, link post, and embedded link. Notice that the reach is still better on the text-only post, by 64%. But what really counts is engagement,… Read more »