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New RHS ads on Facebook increase CTR 300%

The lowly RHS (Right Hand Side) ads, relegated to equally lowly CTRs, is revamped. It uses the same aspect ratio as newsfeed ads, so you can reuse your creatives. Should Facebook marketers rejoice? If you’re bidding on oCPM, then probably not, since Facebook will already balance placement selection for you…. Read more »

How do I tell if my Facebook ad is working or not?

Do I let it run for a certain number of days? Or perhaps wait until it gets a certain number of clicks and impressions? How do I know when to turn off an ad or create a similar ad? What’s the simple answer for those who are not math geeks?… Read more »

The Mechanics of Facebook Ad Budgeting

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How much should you spend on Facebook ads? Then how should you allocate budget between campaigns, and then within the ads for each campaign? Let’s walk through the strategy behind effective budgeting, then tactically how you implement it. We start by understanding Facebook’s point of view. Facebook wants to maximize… Read more »