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Check your landing pages for this

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Recently seen and heard again, starting anything with the words: “Do you need” or “Do you want” are big spam flags.  It’s mostly applicable to email, but also on web pages.  This will affect you in organic search and possibly paid search Quality Scores. A lot of the rules that… Read more »

Print headline sells the news, optimized web headline tells the news

This is a guest blog post by Ahteram Uddin, who runs online marketing for the Times of India, the largest newspaper in the world. Yes– bigger than New York Times. If you are into News aggregating business or your website has an industry specific News section you stand a chance… Read more »

How to grow your SEM business in Asia

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Guest Post By Gerald Neo, Who runs  GeraldsHeralds.com SEM in Singapore is just starting out. Lots of companies have just started to realise the importance of SEM. For those, that have started for a few years, are only covering the surface. They have not fully explore the full potential of… Read more »

I will do a SEO analysis of your site for FREE!

A few days ago, I offered to perform a SEO analysis on the website of one lucky winner– something at BlitzMetrics that we normally charge between $6k-10k to do.  There were 23 responses and I’m choosing BusSongs.com, which is by Keith Mander, a current Facebook employee and ex-Googler (not to… Read more »

Landing Page Optimization and the ‘Middle Child Syndrome’

This article was written by Leigh Hanney of SEMSamurai.com   In any structured system the introduction of a new variable will have a lasting influence on that structure. In short, nothing will remain the same.   Take a typical family unit of two parents and one child… When a second… Read more »