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Google’s search share went from 79% to 75%– why that doesn’t matter

So much quibbling among the SEOs of how Bing is stealing traffic from Google or how Yahoo! isn’t what it once was. Ten years ago, I worked at Yahoo!. And while I’d be tempted to chime in on this tempest in a teapot, they’re missing the point. People are increasingly… Read more »

Google absolutely crushes other social networks and here’s why

It’s fashionable to say social is popular, while old dogs like Google are on the decline. You can cite a litany of failures in Wave, Google+, Orkut, Latitude, Buzz, or whatever. And you might note that Facebook will earn $4.8 billion in display ads this year versus Google’s $4 billion–… Read more »

751 notifications on my Facebook page

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The big brand pages we have insights access on usually show 50-100 unread notifications at any point in time. If you get a few hundred public interactions and messages per day, you know how hard it is to get this number down. If you are a small page or just… Read more »

What happens when you go to facebook.com/apple?

It’s her: If you were Apple, wouldn’t you go grab this? At the same time, we know that Apple isn’t officially on Facebook. And in my opinion, Apple is still the most social company on the planet. They generate sales by creating raving fans and providing tremendous support. Social media… Read more »

Made with 100% Real PPC (How to make EASY money as a SEO consultant)

I was at McDonalds recently and noticed the writing on the bag: “Made with 100% Real Beef.” And then something to the effect of “And with a number like that, you can’t get any better.” Reminds of the breakfast cereals that are made “with” 100% real honey— meaning that they… Read more »

So you’re a social media consultant trying to generate leads on Facebook?

A couple days ago, this random guy called my personal cell phone to pitch his services on how he would help me become known as a marketing expert. Do you get such calls, too? He didn’t have a Facebook page himself. And when I asked him if he knew what… Read more »

How the 300,000 EscapeArtist members can find a home on Facebook

Christine is the partner of Escape Artist International. She has over 300,000 people in her email list and wants to “clean up” their social media. Their clients want to live, work, and invest in other countries. They’ve been around 18 years and grew up from an ex-pat community that shared… Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know Gmail Could Do

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This is a guest post by Tom Samph, Director of Content at Grovo Email takes up 28% of workers’ time.  That’s about two hours and 14 minutes per every 8-hour workday. Emails are by far one of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace, along with mobile phones, and meetings… Read more »

Syncapse’s spectacular $45 million bankruptcy– the turd in the punchbowl

They raised $45 million, had 180 staff across the globe, and a blue chip client base. Their epitaph reads “Facebook fans are worth $174.14”, but they discovered reality is not so simple, as laid bare in their financials. Syncapse going under is not indicative of Facebook’s overall direction. Just look… Read more »

Dissecting a Con Man’s Scheme

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I received the message below on LinkedIn this afternoon.   Did you know that “con” is short for “confidence”? The objective of the con man is to establish trust– an emergency on their end that will appeal to our opportunistic greed. Remember “Crazy Eddie’s” electronics from 20 years ago? He… Read more »

How to be a great salesperson

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Great salespeople aren’t just about pushing the current set of product features with hard-sell tactics. Rather, they align with a client’s problems first, of which later it’s clear that our social media dashboards help solve the problem. Great salespeople need empathy and imagination imagine if you didn’t have to create… Read more »

Foot Locker dominates athletic retailers on Facebook

At 2.6 million fans, they have almost double the runner-up, Champs, with 1.38 million fans. But more importantly, Foot Locker has the lowest engagement rate of the top 5 retailers, at only 1.43%.  The average for athletic retailers is 2.14%.  Lady Foot Locker at 183,700 fans, has a paltry 0.38%… Read more »

Compliments get you everywhere

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I noticed that the Best Western hotel chain had not only more fans than any other hotel chain on Facebook, but also the highest engagement rate. So I took a snapshot from our social dashboard and tweeted it at them.  They retweeted it and also followed me back. Now let’s… Read more »

603% Growth from Sponsored Stories- What One Small Biz Learned

This is a guest blog post by Kathy Hipple of Noosphere Marketing Sada Shop increased its fan base by over 600% in just two months by launching a clever quiz and a fun contest, and adding sponsored ads to amplify their fans’ response. Here’s how we did it: Devise an engaging… Read more »

Unexpected ways that social media will ROCK your world

You’ve heard about the rise of Farmville on Facebook– 63 million users and growing, representing 20% of Facebook’s users, not to mention that Facebook represents 25% of pageviews in the United States. But have you considered how game dynamics are beginning to permeate your life and that of your friends’… Read more »

Shoemoney has no shoes. Don’t let this happen to you!

This past weekend, ThinkTank attendees stayed at a beachfront hotel– a beautiful resort on the coast, north of San Diego.  A perfect stay, except for the scene created by a rude hotel employee.  In his defense, he’s got a stressful job– working 80-90 hours a week, primarily wandering about the… Read more »

The Twitter and Facebook Highway

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You may have heard the phrase “Kill two birds with one stone”, regarding taking one action to produce two results. Twitter and Facebook have teamed up to create a highway directly to one another, allowing users to update one status and be published to both sites. Most people are aware… Read more »

Social Media is a Lie We Perpetuate

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I started and completed a 260 page book in my 4 hour flight between Washington DC and Phoenix today.  It’s Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  I average a page a minute for light content—half a page per minute for dense, textbook-like content.  The lie is explained later… Read more »

Who says twitter is a waste of time?

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A few days ago, I posted a Facebook status message, asking “Who wants a free SEO analysis?” 23 people responded and I chose one winner. Yesterday, I chose the winner and posted the analysis here.  And now, not even a day later, I do a search on Twitter and see… Read more »