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Google has lookalike audiences, too!

Sorry- “Similar audiences”, an analogy to Facebook’s custom / lookalike audiences. It takes your existing remarketing list and builds it’s own audience based on similar interests. It’s compiled from people browsing the Google Display Network over the past 30 days and can be used to serve both text and image ads on… Read more »

And then there were nine..

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Nine ad types on Facebook, that is. Used to be 29 last summer and cut down to just 15 in January. A definitive guide by Dennis Yu on how to use these 15 ad types here on SocialFresh. But now that sponsored stories as standalone ad units are getting cut… Read more »

I love LinkedIn ads, but they cost so much!

Though the quality is slightly better than Facebook for B2B. Looks like the min CPC and CPM bids are determined dynamically by account and even down to the ad level, so the $4 min CPC mentioned previously isn’t accurate. $10 min daily budget, which is not an issue for enterprise…. Read more »

Power Editor Bug: Friend of Fan Targeting Disappearing

If you’re trying to create a page post ad in Power Editor and using FOF (friend of fan) targeting to narrow down your audience, you’re perhaps frustrated this option has disppeared: Others have verified the bug. Good news is that it’s still in the regular ads manager. So that your workaround… Read more »

Attack of the potty mouths on Facebook– how to immunize yourself

If you’ve run a boosted post (just don’t do it) or a newsfeed ad, you’ll get this. No, it’s not Tourette’s. It’s people who don’t understand that pages can pay to show up in the newsfeed. You can snipe a single person’s newsfeed, even without their friends or your fan noticing. They will… Read more »

Creating the Perfect Storm- A guest post by Leigh Hanney

This is a guest post by Leigh Hanney, Head of Marketing at RetailMeNot.com and Blogger at semsamurai.com I talk to a lot of people about online marketing, some are super experienced and others are really only just starting out. But so often I hear the same story from both ends… Read more »

the WORST Facebook Ad ever!

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Not much more needs to be said about this. Gotta wonder how this ad was approved by Facebook. The guy is naked and she probably is, too. What do you think the advertiser was targeting– old guys who say “creeper” in their profile? This is worse than the “date a… Read more »